Nerf Longshot Mod?

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Re: Nerf Longshot Mod?

Post by makeitgo » Wed Jun 29, 2011 6:25 pm

strato_2r5 wrote:Actually, I have experience in the Switch-Shot and LSFG. I have painted an Alpha Trooper and a Recon, so I have basic knowledge of reverse plungers. However, I am not experienced in rebarreling and breeches. Since the Longshot is a Direct Plunger, I was not sure if it was modded in the same way. I plan to make the barrel something like this: ... 0&offset=5

It is not meant to be a breech, just aesthetics. But I also don't want it to decrease the range like the stock attachment. I guess I should have clarified that earlier.
The barrel in most Nerf blasters are not really 'barrels' but more like tubes that guide the dart in a certain direction. They actually hinder the ranges a little bit because they 'hit' or 'bounce' around inside before they exit the tube. That's why all barrel attachments hinder the ranges of the blasters they are meant to be attached to. Even the barrel of the Longshot itself hinders the range. But it does help the trajectory.

You seem to be ignoring the point I make about creating a perfect seal first before thinking about 're-barreling'. You say you don't want to hinder the ranges at all but you want a 'great' aesthetic look. Well... that's the trade off. Performance vs. looks. Form follows function. Create a perfect seal first! Then think about aesthetics.

I can't say for sure about the blaster in the reference pic you posted but there is no mention about it's actual performance. There are many people just interested in cosmetic mods and whether or not the blaster actually works is of no concern to them. I've seen very impressive looking Longshot, Recon, Longstrike mods that look like 'real' guns/sniper rifles from actual real world to movie and videogame replicas. But they function like crap.

Like this one for example: Recon Sniper

I agree with New Guy. Just do the AR removal and forget about the brass. If you take apart the LSFG, you can hack up the 'barrel' to look like the one in your reference pic. It will be easier (and cheaper) to cut than the brass.