M4's Tactical Exercise #1

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M4's Tactical Exercise #1

Post by marauder_4 » Thu Sep 08, 2011 11:16 pm

Moderators, if this is in the wrong forum, please move. Excuse me, I am working for the next month at a place where I have limited internet, so I didn't really look for a tactic related forum.

You squint under the hot mid day sun, an unusually hot day for the end of summer, shielding your eyes with your hand you look down at your watch. Ten minutes until the fight begins. You’ve gathered some of your most loyal comrades for this match, an 8 v 8 game of 1hk capture the flag. Although your team isn’t the best armed, you boast a respectable arsenal: 2 Arctic Blasts, 2 Flash Floods, a CPS 4100, CPS 2500, a Shot Blast, and an XP 310. Intelligence reports that the enemy leader carries a CPS 2100 and one of their better atheletes uses an XP 150, the rest of their arsenal remains unknown.


Your battle ground is a section of a local park, 120m x 120m. Turquoise Xs mark start/refill points/locations of flags. Your team’s start point is located in grid A3, the enemy begins the battle at grid F4. The buildings are park restrooms, you are unable to shoot out of the windows. A creek divides the battlefield down the middle. Said creek is at such a width that only your best atheletes can jump across. Unless the bridgein grid C3 is used, the rest of your team will need help crossing slowly. Other noteable terrain features include forest on the N side of the battlefield, a ridge on the SW corner, a tall mound of sand in B5, and a marsh in grid D5.

Win the battle by (A) capturing the enemy’s flag and bringing it back to your base, or (B) eliminating all enemy personel.

Determine the deployment of your troops, followed by a brief battle plan. Be sure to indicate your reasoning.

I will be acting as op4 (opposition forces) and pmd my battle plan to Ben so that you know that I'm not cheating and basing my plan off your responses here. Once we get a lot of responses I will reveal my battle plan and we can compare it to each or your plans and see what might happen!