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Re: Your armoury

Post by smoukaruna » Wed May 25, 2011 4:28 pm

Hello im new here, im from germany ^^

My armoury:

Cps 2700
CPS 3200
xp 270
xp 220
xxp 275
xxp 175
Storm 750
Max D 6000
MI overload
WW lightning
WW tarantula
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Re: Your armoury

Post by wetmonkey442 » Wed May 25, 2011 6:17 pm

^Nice XXPs! Hold on to those!

Here's an updated list of the guns I own and those that I use regularly.

Blaster that I use regularly:

1x Flash Flood
1x CPS 21k (30 balloons, no CVF)
-probably the most versatile, powerful, and dependable gun I have ever used. Modify in moderation folks!
1x APH

Blaster that I own but do not use regularly:

4x CPS 2100
1x CPS 21k (50 balloons, CVF)
2x Monster X
1x CPS 3200
1x WW Tiger Shark
1x WW Vanquisher
1x WW Ultimate Vanquisher
1x Arctic Blaster
2x MD 3000
1x XP 240

I also have the following blasters that are in pieces/not functioning:

1x SC 500
1x WW Equalizer
1x CPS 1000
1x CPS 1200
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Re: Your armoury

Post by -G-JiV- » Sat May 28, 2011 7:43 am

O well... I should make an update too :D :

3x 1000
1x 1200
4 x 1500
1x 1700
4x 2000(1x Mk1, 2x Mk2)
5x 2500
2x 2700
2x 3000 (1x NIB)
2x 3200
2x 4100
2x Monster X
2x Monster XL
3x Flash Flood(2x NIB)
4x Max infusion aquapack(1,4 litre)
2x max inbfusion aquapack (3 litre)
3x homemade backpack holding 15 and 25 litres of water
5x Artic Blast
3x Hydroblitz(2x NIB)

2x SC Power Pak(both NIB !!!)
3x SC 500
2x Splashzooca

1x HydroCannon
1x Super CPS(consisting of CPS 3000 and SC power pak and some further pieces)
1x Shoot Blast, modified so it is a real CPS now
1x XP 270, now CPS with 1400 ml PC volume

1x 55
1x 75
1x 85(triple shot)
1x 105
3x 110
1x 150
2x 250
2x 270
5x 310
2x XXP 175
1x XXP 275

SS 100
SS 300

4 CPH and two APH

1x Rattler
4x Max-D 6000
1x Max-D Secret strike

1x Vindicator
1x Vanquisher
1x WW lightning
1x Overload
3x Splashfire
1x Liquidator

and some more, I would have to check my storage to say exactly what is missing :D

And the collection is still growing...
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Re: Your armoury

Post by sportcrazy60 » Thu Jun 30, 2011 5:34 pm

At the moment I have only a (THE)copy of a CPS 1000, the Super Shooter CPS 2000.
I got it for 25 € from a local toystore in the center of Rauma, Finland. I would be quite keen on attending a waterfight but theres none.. PS. I am quite happy with the power of this. I think the (second) best gun I ever had was the Max-D 5k but its trigger broke.