How to find answers to your questions

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How to find answers to your questions

Post by SSCBen » Wed Feb 06, 2008 1:31 am

Here at Super Soaker Central we get asked a lot of questions by email and at the forums. Most of these questions have been asked and answered before. This short guide will save you, our visitors, some time by helping you find the answers to your questions quickly.

1. Try a Google search of Super Soaker Central and Try a general Google search. Try searching at Wikipedia. You'd be surprised to find that most questions can be answered this way.
2. Check our Top 30 most asked questions for answers to most questions. Check our FAQ for answers to many more. We have tried hard to answer as many common questions as possible in our FAQ.
3. Check our extensive glossary for a term.
4. Look at the individual section here on SSC. Check for links to other resources here at SSC. There are often additional link pages in individual sections and pages.
5. After, and only after trying a search and looking at our website, ask at our forums or email us.
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