"What's the best Super Soaker ever?"

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"What's the best Super Soaker ever?"

Post by Spinner » Sat Aug 07, 2004 4:51 pm

"What is the best super soaker ever" is the kind of ambiguous question that you will never get everybody to agree on.

As has been said, the most powerful one is the CPS 2000 mk.1. However, it's not great in the field because of its low shot time and number of pumps. The CPS 2500 is better in that respect due to its choice of nozzles.

The CPS 3000/3200, on the other hand, having a backpack is very good on water capacity, so they are good if mobility isn't a massive issue.

If you want intimidation, the Monster XL has to be your choice.

For an all-round powerful gun, go for the CPS 1500/1700. Size-to-power ratio is very good.

And if you want an air pressure rifle...go for the XP 150, though the XP 310/Max-D 6000 isn't bad either.

As I say though, people's opinions will always differ.
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