Catskill Mountain S.E.A.L.s - West Shokan, New York

Post your team so others can contact and battle with you.
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Catskill Mountain S.E.A.L.s - Upstate New York

Post by SEAL » Sun Jul 18, 2010 3:45 pm

I never noticed this section before.

We are the Catskill Mountain S.E.A.L.s. (That stands for Soaker Elite Assault Legion.)

We live in West Shokan, a small town about 2 hours north of New York City.

Number of members: Three, but my friend will fight for us too. So I'd say 3 to 4

Age range: 11 to 15.
Year established: Hmm... I think around 3 years ago, in 2007. (I can't be sure though.)

Leader: That would be me.

Contact email: soakerseal(at)gmail(dot)com

Super Soaker: 2 SS50's*, XP 220 and 270, CPS 2700, Max-D 2000**, 3000, 2 4000's, 6000, and Secret Strike, 2 Vaporizers, Hydroblade**, Helix, Aquashock Sneak Attack, Secret Strike, and Arctic Blast*, 100oz Aquapak**, and Quick Blast.
Water Warriors: Equalizer and Vanquisher.
Homemades: 2L homemade*, APH and SCH.
I also have a couple of squirt pistols, water balloons, and soakerballs.
* Most likely will not be used in combat for various reasons.
** Broken, and can't be used in combat.

We don't have much experience, as we've only fought in small battles with each other, mostly free-for-alls, although sometimes we do 2vs2 if my friend is over.
I've been into water guns since 2002, but I haven't actually had much battles.

So if anyone lives near us, we'd be happy to get together and battle. It may take a while to get it set up with my parents and everything though. Once I turn 16 and get my drivers license, it should get easier.

Keep it cool!
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