Team registry rules

Post your team so others can contact and battle with you.
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Team registry rules

Post by SSCBen » Wed Jul 02, 2008 4:50 pm

The team registry is a simple place to find other teams or organizations that you can battle with. Used in conjunction with's team registry and our water war calendar having battles should be significantly easier.

New group memberships will be made after a thread is posted here. These group memberships will identify who's part of what team. Contact me if you want to discuss specifics.

If your team or organization desires a private forum here let me know about that too. We could easily set up a private forum for you guys.

Thread titles should be in the format "Team name - team location". For example, if my team was called The Super Soakers and we operated out of Washington DC, USA, I'd title my thread "The Super Soakers - Washington DC, USA".

The threads themselves should contain the following information;:

Team name
Location (Country, State/Province, City/Town)
Number of members
Year established
Contact email
Description of activities

Other things such as team website, team logo, etc. are good to add to these threads as well.

The threads can be used for discussion of team events and such but please keep the first post for the team information.

Assassins guilds and other similar organizations are fine to post as well.

Please keep threads up to date so others can contact your organization. The registry can not work if it is not up to date.
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