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Post by randomblahguy » Thu May 17, 2007 6:41 am

heh, our boys varsity track team (down here in AZ) won the 2007 state championship (and so did our volleyball team, on the same day =D) but anyway, i run hurdles (and usually only hurdles)

110s: 15.14 hand, 15.25 electric. next season hopefully i'll be running in the mid 14s because that will get me somewhere at state next year...
100: somewhere between 11.1-11.4, depending on how tired/exhausted i am
200:23.7 or so...i only ran it once because my coach made me and i don't remember my time exactly.
400: i recall running a 59 without spikes and during the offseason (summer school PE) and that was before i hit varsity level. i never ran it during season, tho, but i'm going to run that instead of 300 hurdles (the hurdle race from hell...)

notice i'm not a distance runner, i rarely run anything above a 400. but i have had to run the mile as a requirement for PE (and to get an A, you had to run under 7:30, which somewhat sucked because i REALLY get owned by the mile, but i can run under that now without much of a problem.) and i think the fastest was 7:11...yeah, pretty bad compared to all you cross country folks.

i also do triple jump and am jumping around 40 feet.

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Re: Track and running thread

Post by DX » Tue May 05, 2009 1:18 am

Necroing an old topic because I think that it's funny to look back at what I was running in high school. I miss those hand times hehe. FAT showed me absolutely no mercy last year and was a real downer [100 went back over 12, 200 back over 25, 400 back over 58].

Actually this year looked like it would just be a repeat of freshman year. I was still running mediocre times up through the beginning of this outdoor season. Then something weird happened. I was diagnosed with mono about 5 weeks ago - banned from weight lifting and all - but was still allowed to run. Instead of being bedridden, I ended up PRing in 5 meets in a row, including putting up a triple PR in the NESCAC championship. Something just clicked. My 400 fell from 58 to 54 in 2 meets for no clear reason?

The weirdest thing was in the 4x100 relay. I'd only run it twice in college track, both last year. The first was 3rd leg at 12.16. The 2nd was leadoff and a 12.82 absolute disaster. I thought that was the end of me in the 4x1 because that was really, really awful. But this season coach was experimenting with the 3rd leg and put me back in. I split 11.50, which was a giant PR. Next weekend our anchor had a hamstring injury and I ended up running anchor for the first time ever and in a championship meet at that. I split 11.19. The relay that weekend qualified for the New England Div III championship, so I ran anchor again. I split 10.67 2 days ago. Although splits are generally unreliable, damn that's a 2.15 second improvement in only 3 races and the 2nd fastest split on the team. With our senior captain graduating...I have the fastest split coming into next season!?

That was a real wake-up call, and it just happened 2 days ago. If I can split 10.67 with mono and having not been allowed to lift in weeks, coupled with still weighing less than some of the girls...what could be run if I actually had muscles? So I plan on hitting the weight room hard this summer and doing the offseason training with vastly more focus than ever before. I think that 10 low is possible in the 4x1 and 10 high in the open 100. Actually having physical strength might boost the 400 too, maybe I could bring that under 52. I dunno, these last 3 meets were just WEIRD.
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