PVC in Australia/NZ

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Re: PVC in Australia/NZ

Post by Marlon28 » Mon Nov 28, 2011 7:51 am

Where can I get CPVC/PVC In Australia?
I want to get CPVC or PVC in stores. I am planning to modify my NERF Recon CS-6 So that it is singled. Please reply to this question and tell me where I can get some CPVC or PVC.

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Re: PVC in Australia/NZ

Post by atvan » Mon Nov 28, 2011 11:50 am

Welcome to SSC!

This site is currently on it's death bed, so you might want to direct your conversation to waterwar.net. However, this is a water blasters site, which the recon happens to not be. Directing this question to a nerf forum will get more resposes and a better answer.

As a last note, the recon does not have very much potential for singling- it is too weak. You also lose the mag feature, and must hand load eack dart.
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