Fictional War Story.

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Fictional War Story.

Post by SEAL » Fri Aug 06, 2010 9:39 pm

I've been meaning to write one of these for a while now. The thread made by TheTyphoon inspired me a little. I haven't thought up a good title yet. Now I'm not a very good writer, so don't make fun of me. :p

So here we go:


Fri, June 2nd, 2012, 6:07 PM.
*Unknown Location*

Zack Nizburn felt himself moving. He opened his eyes.
"Mmmph." He was bound and gagged in the back of a van. Around him were a whole bunch of other people, also tied up. He quickly recognized them as other leaders of the UAFL*. There were two gruff looking characters in the front seats, and there was a big stack of boxes in the back with him. He was sure that they contained weapons.

The man next to the driver turned himself around.
"Hello Nizburn." he said with a sneer, "Did you sleep well? ...What's the matter? To scared to speak?" He laughed harshly. Zack thrashed around angrily, but to no avail.
"Whoa whoa whoa Nizburn," he said quickly, "If you make any move that displeases me, I'm gonna make it rain." He put his hand on a sprinkler valve on the dashboard. Zack noticed for the first time that there was a sprinkler system rigged up on the ceiling of the van. Very clever. He reluctantly sat back. He had no choice but to wait until the van stopped. What was in store for him? And how did he get into this mess?

His thoughts flashed back to yesterday night, where he had attended a UAFL meeting on the issue of Super Soaker's downfall. After the meeting, he had gone out into the parking lot, and got into the back seat of his expensive, shiny silver Audi A8. He ordered his driver, Harry Vortmann, to drive him home. He turned on the TV in the backseat.
"This just in," the broadcaster announced, "several prominent members of the UAFL were kidnapped these past few days. The members include: Ricky Boyle, William Tanner, and Jeff and John Filcerk. No ransom has been offered, and the authorities are all searching night and day for the men who liberated the country of Larami from the terrorists that once pillaged our land. Our hearts are with the families of these brave..." *Click*

Things didn't look too good. Zack began to get a little nervous.
"Harry," he ordered, " lets take the shortcut home." They turned off route 74 and onto Hollow Street a few minutes later. They didn't notice that a blue van was following them with it's headlights turned off.
After rounding a corner after about half a mile, when the Audi's bright headlights revealed a huge tree laying across the road, completely blocking their path.
"Driver, STOP!" Zack yelled. Their car screeched to a halt stopping about 10 feet in front of the tree. It looked like it was cut down with a chainsaw.

"Now how are we supposed to..." Suddenly, a pair of headlights turned on behind them, blinding them both for a few seconds. He heard the door open. A pair of rough hands seized him and dragged him out of the car.
"Don't you dare move!" a voice yelled. "Carl, search him!" Zack could see a little better now. He saw a sillouette of somebody move in front of him. The stranger roughly dug through all his pockets until he found Zack's small WW Deluge, and removed it.
"What do you want!?" He asked angrily.
"Shut up you $#&@*^!" the man growled. "Now get in the back of the van!" There were two men, one had a CPS 1200, and the other one, Carl, had a 2005 Blazer. Zack had no choice but to do as commanded. He walked over the the back of the van,
"Wait." Carl said, he went over to Zack's car where his driver was still standing with his hands in the air. He pointed the Blazer right at the back of his head, and pulled the trigger. It was set on the largest nozzle. Harry fell to the ground.
"NOOOO!" Screamed Zack. He suddenly felt a wet sponge mushed into the back of his neck. And that was the last thing he knew before he woke up in the back of the van.

"These must be the same people that kidnapped the others." He thought, as he gazed around the back of the van, eying the other victims. It was them alright.
"What do these people want from us?" he wondered. He slumped back against the wall, closing his eyes.

He awoke when he heard talking. It was now the night time. They had stopped at a checkpoint of some kind.
"Have you got the packages?" someone asked.
"Yeah." said Carl, the driver. "They're in the back."
"Good." said the voice. Zack felt the van moving again. They pulled into a lighted garage. Carl jumped out. The other guy placed his hand on the valve again. "Don't even think about it." he said. The back doors opened. Carl and 3 other men stood there. They were armed with a Shot Blast, an XP Backfire, and a Max-D 5000. They obviously didn't know all that much about weaponry.
"Get out of the car." one commanded. The man in the other seat jumped out and helped march the UAFL members out of the van and out into the garage. They went to a door on the far and of the garage, through the door, up some stairs, through another door, up some more stairs, then through a long hallway. At the end was yet another door. There was a plaque on it that read: "Fred Perry, Red Eye commander." They entered...

The room was dark, the only light came from a fire on the right wall, and a spotlight shining on a brand new looking CPS 2000 in a glass case. At the end of the room was a desk, with a figure in a trenchcoat hunched over it, his back facing them. The guards closed the door behind them. "Welcome." the figure spoke a deep raspy voice. "I have been waiting for you..."
"What do you want from us?" John Filcerk asked.
"Oh nothing at all..." the figure said. "If I were to tell you my plan, and you escaped, then everybody in Larami would know what I am going to do. We wouldn't want that would we?"
"Who are you?" asked Zack, who was getting angry.
"I am your worst nightmare." he rasped. "You ever hear a rumor of a kid, who got his eyeball blown out by a CPS 2000? That rumor is true."
"Oh come on!" John said, "That's just an urban legend!"
"Oh is it?" he growled. He then stood up, turned around, and slowly came into the light. He had no hair at all, and his face seemed to be frozen in a snarl. But what everyone in the room was looking at, was an eyepatch over his right eye.
"That kid was me." he said, stepping forward.

To be continued...

*UAFL stands for United Aquatic Forces of Larami. It's basically a unit made out of a whole bunch of teams in the country.
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Re: Fictional War Story.

Post by SEAL » Tue Aug 10, 2010 10:07 pm

Now on to the first chapter...

Chapter I:

Sat, June 3rd, 2012, 11:34 AM.
Catskill Mountain S.E.A.L. training camp, Catskill Mountains, Larami*.

Aaron Sprague awoke with a jolt.
"What? Where? When?" he stammered, pulling his tiny SCH** out of his pocket and pointing it all over the place.
"Oh, hi Mrs. Clevstone." he said sleepily, putting his SCH back in his pocket.
"Sorry about that," he said. "I must have fallen asleep." He was sitting in his office, slumped over his desk. He was trying to write a battle plan when he had fallen asleep. Mrs. Clevstone, his secretary, had been poking at him with his pencil.
"It's time to supervise the rookies' training session." she said. He yawned.
"Oh yeah." he said, "I'll be right there." She went out the door.

He gazed around his office. His desk was at the far end of the room, opposite of the door. On the wall behind him, there was about 7 plaques commemorating various prominent members in his unit. Most of them were all soaked by now, except for him, his brother, and their head mechanic Edward Black. Above the plaques, were 2 crossed SS50's hanging in a display frame. Above the door was another display frame, holding a mini XP70 which was the founder of the unit's first water gun. He was Aaron's father. After he got soaked in the great battle of Kelder river, his oldest son Aaron, became captain. All along the walls were maps, pictures, and many other different things.

Aaron got up, slowly made his way to the door, and went through it. His office was on a high balcony above the inside of the entire underground base. Below were indoor winter training courses and all sorts of machinery. Aaron walked over to the elevator, and went inside. The buttons read from top to bottom: 2F, 1F, B1F, B2F, and B3F. He pushed the 1F button, and went up to the surface. He walked through the halls of the first floor, going past all sorts of rooms, including: The Radar room, Armory, Workshop, and the interrogation room. He went out the front door. Over to the right was the huge vehicle garage, that stored all the humvees, tanks, and airplanes. But the training camp was off to the left. Aaron hopped into a golf cart for swift transportation across the base. He pulled into the training section.

His younger brother Xavier was already there. Xavier was the second-in-command of the SEALs.
"Hey Aaron, what have you been doing?" He asked.
"Uh... Nothing," Aaron replied. "...just thinking up battle plans. You know, we gotta have somebody who knows about the tactical side of things, and is not just interested in blasting the $#!& out of his enemies."
"Who exactly would we be talking about?" asked Xavier.
"No one." Aaron replied, chuckling. "Let's see what we've got here..." Aaron eyed the newbies. One thing was for sure, they didn't look to smart. Aaron decided to test them.
"You there." he asked. "What's your name?"
"Cameron." He replied. "Cameron Stelter."
"Well then Cameron," he asked. "Why did you join the SEALs?"
"To soak people!" he declared. "I will blast them all with my Scoped Super Soaker Shot Blast!" Aaron rolled his eyes. He pretended to be impressed.
"Wow, really?" he asked. "What position would you like to be?"
"I wanna be a heavy assault warrior." He replied with enthusiasm. "After all, I probably have the biggest blaster here." He was right. The biggest blaster that the other newbies had was an Arctic Shock.
"Oh really?" Aaron asked. He picked up his walkie talkie. "Yo Johnny, I would like you to bring an MXL and the Decimator to the training section." "Newbies?" Johnny asked. "How did you guess?" Aaron replied sarcastically. "Haha. I'll bring them right away."

A few minutes later, Johnny came on a golf cart towing a trailer with a tarp covering it. Aaron walked over.
"Okay guys. Let's get one thing straight. If Cameron here wants to be a heavy forward, then he'll have to be able to use this." He pulled the MXL out of the trailer. The newbies' mouths' flew open and their eyes popped. Cameron looked like he just saw a cow getting sucked up by a flying saucer.
"What's the matter?" Aaron asked. "It's just an MXL." "Just... Just... Wha...?" Cameron stuttered.
"Oh come on," Aaron said laughing. "Don't tell me you've never heard of the MXL."
"Err... well... No, they don't have it in stores." He said.
"Well, they don't make it anymore." Aaron said.
"Wow." Cameron said, amazed. "It's gotta be the most powerful blaster ever! Can I have one?" he asked.
"Well, I wouldn't use it in combat unless it's been heavily modded." he replied.
"Most heavy forwards use something like this." He pulled a huge homemade out of underneath the tarp. It resembled a Supercannon II made out of 4" pipe with an onboard reservoir, and a WBL slung underneath.
"We call this the decimator." Aaron said. And if you thought the newbies were stunned before, then you should have seen their faces when they saw this behemoth.
"Homemades are always the most powerful water blasters you can get. This particular one, is our most powerful hand-held blaster, it can get around 140 feet of range. The newbies just gaped.
"Well then," Aaron said. "...everyone line up. Training is now in session."

"Argh!" Aaron growled. "Newbies are getting more stupid every year!" Training had just finished, and Aaron and Xavier were driving the golf cart back to the main complex.
"Yeah, they are all probably Modern Warfare 2 addicts." Xavier said. "I'm really concerned at the future of this unit." The training session had gone terribly. Half of the newbies had no idea what they were supposed to be doing, and the ones who did kept goofing around and shooting all over the place. Aaron had to shoot a WBL with a foam ball in it at them in order to keep them under control."At least they're good for distraction." Xavier said glumly. "Whatever works." Aaron replied.

They had arrived back at the main building and went inside.
"Hey, Aaron! Xavier!" Edward Black, their chief mechanic, was hailing them from the workshop room. He had a interesting new homemade in his hands, it looked like a CPH with a tracked pump, a shoulder stock, and a sight on top. It was about the size of a 2001 Monster/CPS 4100. The PC case was transparent, and instead of a rubber bladder inside, there was a huge spring. The whole blaster was hooked up to a backpack. "You're just in time to see my new invention!" he said excitedly. "I think I've finally got it!"
Aaron and Xavier followed him to the elevator, back down to B2F. They headed to the indoor firing range. Edward filled the blaster up, then started to pump. Water filled up in the transparent pipe with the big spring. He then pointed it downrange.
"Ready?" he asked.
"We're all holding our breath." Aaron said. Then he pulled the trigger. The big spring compressed, and a perfectly laminated stream shot out of the end of the gun, landing just beyond the 100 ft mark.
"Well Eddie, You've done it again." Aaron congratulated him. "You've just broken the record for the smallest blaster to reach 100'."
"That's what I do." Edward said.

Suddenly, the alarm started blaring.
"What is it?" Xavier shouted. Johnny ran up to them.
"Have you heard? Zack Nizburn and four other members of the UAFL including the Filcerk brothers have been kidnapped by the Red Eye Brotherhood!" he gasped. "You two are the only UAFL leaders that have not been kidnapped!" Aaron stood there calmly.
"Well it looks like we're in business." he said quietly.

*In case you haven't figured it out, Larami is a fictional country named after the greatest water blaster manufacturer in history.
**SCH stands for Super Charger Homemade. Basically a homemade that you can hose-charge. A 2L falls under that category.
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Re: Fictional War Story.

Post by SEAL » Tue Aug 17, 2010 3:35 pm

Chapter II:

Fri, June 3rd, 2012, 4:27 PM.
Catskill Mountain Road, Catskill Mountains, Larami.

"So..." Xavier said, "Wanna bet 30 bucks that I soak more people then you?" They were riding in the back of their armored Mercedes G550 SUV. Recently, they had received word that the Red Eye Brotherhood* was invading their territory on the eastern boarder. The Aquatic Army Forces (AAF.) had them pinned down in a small village in the woods. The SEAL forces were on their way to assist the them in driving the Red-Eyes out of UAFL** territory. The SEALs had 5 jeeps with mounted Supercannons, 10 humvees, 8 troop carriers, 7 armored vehicles, 2 standard tanks, a heavy tank known as 'The Cruncher', a truck carrying an assortment of heavy weapons and turrets, 2 cropdusters, and of course Aaron and Xavier's armored luxury vehicle.
"You're on." Aaron said, even though he knew he was most likely going to lose, Xavier was the best fighter in the entire force. He could shoot a fly off somebody's head without even getting that person damp. He wasn't the best strategist though, Aaron was the best, so he got elected leader.

They were driving along a windy dirt road along the side of the mountain, heading to the highway. On one side, it completely dropped off, sloping down into the woods.
"We really have to build guardrails." Aaron muttered, looking out the window over the side.
"Yeah," Xavier said, "I almost drove off when I was test-driving my new car. Anyway, we should be hitting the tunnel soon." He was polishing his recently K-modded CPS 2500. It was the best K-mod ever done by Edward Black. It could shoot up to around 65 feet now. Aaron was using his trusty old CPH. His father had designed it years ago, but never actually built it. After he got soaked defending the boarder for 9 hours, Edward built it in his memory. It was without a doubt, the best CPH ever. It could get almost 70 feet of range, and it was only a little longer then a foot. It was hooked up to a backpack.

They now came to the tunnel. The tunnel cut right through the mountain, winding up on the other side by the highway. As they entered, the driver switched on the lights. There were once many lights on the roof of the tunnel, but many of them were old and weren't working anymore. As they drove through the tunnel, Aaron's mind was working full speed, thinking up different plans. They finally came out into the sunlight, the main road was dead ahead.
"Okay," the driver said, "the war zone is about 2 miles from here off in the woods. Look for a road called Limbo Drive."
"Limbo Drive?!?" Xavier laughed. "I guess we have to aim lower then normal because they'll dodge anything at their heads."
Aaron chuckled.

A little while later,
"There it is." the driver said, turning in.
"Man it's quiet around here." Xavier commented.
"Everyone must have been evacuated." Aaron said. A voice suddenly crackled in the radio.
"All units, this is Razor 2, the war zone has been spotted, and it doesn't look good. Most of the AAF are soaked, and it looks like more and more Red-Eyes are joining the fight. I'd say 50, no, more like 70 enemy troops."
"How many AAF troops are there?" Aaron asked.
"Only about 15." Razor 2 replied.
"Well that's why we're here." Aaron said. "Why don't you give them a little present?"
"One Santa package coming up." Razor 2 replied. Both planes swooped down, spraying water down on the enemy forces.
"All units, this is Razor 1. I think we got at least 10 of them. They appear to have shields."
"Damn it." Xavier grumbled. They now came to the clearing where the fighting was taking place. Streams of water pounded their vehicles.
"Now that's what I call putting you're head into the lion's mouth." Xavier joked.
"Okay then," Aaron said. "All units, OPEN FIRE!"

*The Red Eye Brotherhood is a terrorist group trying to obtain power by eliminating all UAFL groups. They are the ones who kidnapped Zack Nizburn and the others.

**The UAFL consists of the SEALs, led by Aaron Sprague, the AAF, led by Zack Nizburn, the Soaker Navy, led by Jeff & John Filcerk, the 2nd Defense Battalion, led by William Tanner, and the Clan of the Serpent, led by Ricky Boyle.
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Re: Fictional War Story.

Post by SEAL » Sun Aug 29, 2010 5:06 pm

Chapter III:

Fri, June 3rd, 2012, 5:02 PM.
Aravorm Forest, Checklesville, Larami.

All the vehicles began firing. A storm of streams and water balloons flew through the air towards the enemy forces.
"Everyone, get out!" Aaron commanded. He opened the door and jumped out. Xavier followed.
"Pop smoke!" Aaron yelled. A bunch of smoke bombs were thrown at the enemies. A huge smokescreen wafted up.
"All units this is Stallion." Aaron said into his radio. "Flank 'em on both sides while the smoke lasts." The team moved forward, into the trees on either side of the smokescreen. Aaron and Xavier crouched behind a bush.
"Do it." Aaron said into his mike. "FIRE!" The entire SEAL team opened fire. Aaron heard shouts coming from the smoke. They were met with some blind fire.
"Keep pouring it on 'em!" Aaron ordered. A water balloon came flying out of the smoke, smashing on a tree, not 3 yards from where Aaron crouched.
"Woah, that was close." Xavier muttered.

The smoke was starting to clear. Aaron could begin to see the enemy troops. Quite a few of them were soaked, but many of them were still dry, thanks to their shields. Aaron arced his shot in the air to shoot over an enemy shield. When he raised his shield over his head to protect himself, Xavier blasted him in the chest and he fell to the ground. Aaron gave him a high five. They soaked a coupe more people. Suddenly someone shouted,
"RETREAT!" The enemies scattered, running off in different directions.
"Hunt and soak!" Aaron ordered. "Alpha team, take the north! Bravo team, take the west, and Charlie team, head to the south!" Aaron and Xavier, who were with the Alpha team, ran north through the trees.
"Xavier, sweep left." Aaron told him.
"Don't forget," Xavier called back, "we have a bet." Aaron groaned. Xavier already had more hits then he did.
"Well, lets try not to keep it that way." Aaron told himself.

Suddenly, Aaron came upon a force of about 4 hostiles. They were hiding behind a log, and immediately jumped up and started shooting.
"Holy shoot!" he exclaimed, diving into some bushes. They were armed fairly lightly, with guns like the XP 70 and an Oozinator. A big glob of 'bio ooze' splattered on a big rock. Aaron had an idea.
"Aaaaggghhh!" he yelled, unscrewing the nozzle on his CPH.
"Did we get him?" one of them asked.
"SHH!" another said. Aaron heard some whispering, but he couldn't make out what they were saying. He heard some leaves rustling. Someone holding a Max-D 5000 came into view. Aaron unleashed his riot blast.
"What the... AAAHHHHH!!!!" He fell over backwards. Aaron quickly pulled a water balloon from his pocket, and threw it into the other enemies. They were all knocked down. One was still slightly dry. Aaron pulled out his tiny SCH from his pocket.
"See ya." Aaron said pulling the trigger. The whole reservoir emptied onto the enemy's forehead. Aaron pulled out his radio.

"Yo everyone, this is Stallion. How are we doing? Over." After about five seconds, a voice crackled back.
"This is Charlie one. I think we got most of them."
"Hey Aaron guess what!" it was Xavier. "I got seven more kills. If you got more then 13, then you win."
"Dang." Aaron grumbled angrily.
"Bravo leader here." another voice crackled in. "We have just completed our sweep of the area, and are returning to base. We got about 12. Over and out."
"Alright." Aaron said. "All units, head back to the clearing. Over."

A few minutes later, Aaron and the whole rest of the team were back in the clearing. He was reluctantly giving Xavier the 30 bucks.
"Much obliged!" Xavier said grinning.
"Shut up." Aaron muttered. "This is the last time I ever make a bet with you." Xavier just laughed.
"So what's the situation?" Aaron asked the team Charlie leader, who's name just happened to be Charlie.
"Well sir," Charlie began. "There are no more AAF troops left, and we lost about 10."
"What are the Red-Eyes doing invading our territory anyway?" Xavier asked indignantly.
"I can't be sure." Charlie replied. "Intel indicates that they captured all the UAFL leaders, except you Aaron."
"So you think they were trying to get me?" Aaron asked.
"That's one of the possibilities." Charlie answered. "You are the most heavily guarded leader in the UAFL. So they probably couldn't capture you in the same trip as the others, so they decide to storm SEAL territory and take you by force. Although that doesn't make much sense, because if they know how heavily guarded you are, then I'm sure they'd know how big and well trained our force is. Another possibility is, that they gave up on trying to capture you, and just decided to go ahead with their plan without you. I just don't know...."
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Re: Fictional War Story.

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Chapter IV:

Fri, June 3rd, 2012, 5:30 PM.
Red-Eye Brotherhood HQ, same day, same time, different location.

Zack Nizburn had been living in hell. The Red-Eyes had tortured him and the rest of the commanders using the dreaded sponge method. A vault. They kept asking about a vault. Zack had no idea what they meant. Fred Perry*, the Red-Eye overlord, told them they had one week. After that, he would blow out their eyes with the same CPS 2000 that was used to deprive him of his own eye.

Zack knew the story. A few years ago, back in '96, a huge war raged. The AAF (Which was quite small at the time.) were fighting an old terrorist group known as the 'Sabertooth Clan'. One particular heated battle took place in Aravorm Forest, on the shores of Hoover Lake, not far from where Aaron and Xavier just achieved victory. Zack was only an ordinary forward back then. He remembered it quite vividly. He was wielding an XP 150, and doing quite well. He soaked around 30 enemies, when suddenly, enemy reinforcements came across the lake on speedboats. Perry, who was leading them, holding a SS 300, was causing devastation, when more reinforcements showed up, this time for their side.

The SEALs, who were an even smaller group back then, heard the AAF's SOS on their radios, and came to their aid. One of the SEALs was holding this huge soaker that said 'CPS 2000' on it's tank. Well as you can imagine, the sight of this monster was enough to make some of the hostiles retreat. Zack will never forget the sight of the enemy's faces when it first fired. A very thick stream shot out, and soaked an enemy who, at the time, was believed to be out of range. Well, Perry didn't like this one bit, and decided he must have this blaster. He shot his SS 300, and the stream landed just shy of the 2000 wielder's feet. The 2000 user ran up, and fired the 2000 point blank into Perry's face. What happened next, happened so fast, that no one quite knew what happened. All they saw was a rather gory spectacle, followed by some bad guy chucking a water balloon that hit the 2000 user squarely in the chest. He fell over backwards, dropping the 2000. An enemy picked it up, but there were now so many SEALs and AAFs, that the enemy retreated, taking the 2000 and Perry, who was not quite soaked yet, back to an unknown location.

A few weeks later, SEAL forces stormed the Sabertooth fort, completely destroying all that remained of the group. Fred Perry and the 2000 were never found. "Well, I guess I know where they are now." Zack muttered to himself. He heard some commotion outside, so he stood on top of his cot, looking out the small barred window. He saw a ton of troops massing together. There were tanks, troop transports, helicopters, and tons of blasters being handed out. They looked like they were massing for an attack. Suddenly, a drop of water fell from the ceiling on to his forehead, knocking him out.

Sat, June 4th, 2012, 7:21 AM.
SEAL HQ, Catskill Mountains, Larami. Next day...

Aaron had been up since 5:00 in the morning. He was thinking up a way to rescue Zack Nizburn and the others. So far, it wasn't going well. "Arrrghhh!!!" Aaron yelled in frustration.
"Everything okay in there sir?" Mrs. Clevstone asked through the intercom.
"Yeah I'm alright." Aaron said, pushing the intercom button. *Sigh* Aaron looked through his maps for the 100th time. He couldn't attack their HQ directly. It was too heavily guarded. Plus, they had a ton of outposts across the country that would respond to any distress call from the main HQ.
"Maybe I should attack all the outposts in the country at the same time." Aaron thought. "That way, they will all be rendered helpless, and won't be able to rush to the aid of the HQ." The trouble was, Aaron didn't know where any of the outposts were. In fact, he wasn't exactly sure where the main HQ was either.

"I'll have to send out a reconnaissance mission." Aaron told himself. "I'll do it now." He buzzed Mrs. Clevstone.
"Mrs. Clevstone?" He asked.
"Sir?" she buzzed back.
"Put me on with Xavier." he told her.
"Right away sir." she replied.
"What's up?" Xavier's voice came back a minute later.
"Xavier, I have a plan. Listen closely..."

*You may be thinking that Fred Perry isn't a very evil sounding name. Well let's just say that there's an evil person in my life with that name.
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