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HBWW 2010 War Reports: 1st and 2nd Wars

Post by C-A_99 » Mon Jul 26, 2010 6:02 pm

Well, I just had my second war of 2010 last Monday but never posted war reports of either one, so I'll throw up something quick right now.

Our season opener this year was on May 30th. Since my parents weren't home, I put up quite some big plans but a lot of them didn't quite follow through. Nonetheless, we did end up having quite a number of games despite relatively poor turnout. On average, there were almost always 5 players at a time since people kept leaving and coming, but the average seldom changed from 5 players.

So with that, we played a good mix of defense/assault games. Infection and 1-flag CTF were the main games. Infection went fairly interestingly; one time I was infected and charged into the base with the sled as a riot shield, scoring a kill along the way. On the team based defense games, I, being on the smaller team, nerfed a lot of factors for the larger team, such as giving them more strict time limits, etc. It didn't work out that nicely, but we still played and it was quite fun. Later, we degenerate things into a soakfest and I ended up drenched after getting hosed down. People were carrying dual VHS's and leaving the valves open for a double torrential downpour of high pressured tap water. Even with a shield and large plastic tarp, I didn't stand much of a chance. Later, I manage to shut down the hoses and get some good shots at those who wielded them. I used my 12k for most of that day.

Later, we go inside and take a break, eat, etc. Parent's weren't home so we goofed around quite a bit. I got a video of it too but it's not around right now. (Only of the goofing around, not the water wars.) After some more people came over, we waited until it got dark enough for nighttime wars.

We played two rounds of elimination. It was, again, 2v3 and I was on the team of two. However, we had the advantage of my friend's base which has plenty of vegetation. It wasn't pitch black dark yet, but it was definitely dark enough to help with concealment considerably which you can never get enough of on a battlefield like mine. We lost the first round but won the second by waiting; camping for the enemy team to come. When they did, I was able to make a few kills by charging out and attacking those who were persuing my teammate, and we won with me as the last one alive.

Unfortunately, it had to end there. Misquitos were getting very bad and I didn't pull out the bugspray, so people didn't want to play anymore. We ended up going back inside and everyone left shortly after. (Except a friend who stayed around for a bit.)


The war I had a week ago, July 19th, was considerably more interesting but also a lot shorter, only lasting for 2-3 hours. Of course, since I never did a report on the season opener, I remember much more from this particular war. This time, the war was for one of my friends who moved to Tennessee last year, but came back to visit Michigan for a week this summer. But as usual, people came late and with the first two who arrived, I demo'd some water guns, equipment, etc. and they assisted me as I tied a basketball hoop string into a sled to use as a handle. We had a somewhat decent riot shield working, but it was difficult to handle and still nearly impossible to pump a water gun while holding it.

No matter though, as we started with elimination FFA and later, infection after more people arrived, and no one used riot shields that time. The FFA was rather interesting and turned into a series of mind games; people daring each other to make the next move. Of course, the last survivor of such matches tends to be the one that hides the most, and such was the case here. After the match, was infection. The alpha zombie had never played before and was expected to charge through enourmous waterpower for the first time, but due to how badly the base was setup and the lack of more players, the survivors were overwhelmed quite quickly.

We skipped 1-flag CTF and assault for the time being as a lot more people arrived. We had enough for 5v5 and it was a perfect setup for none other than CTF. To my surprise, I was able to explain the spawn rules and people followed them relatively well without much trouble, so we went ahead and played several rounds. The first round we lost, but we scored on the next two rounds, with me making the last score. While other members of my team would act as runners and took very small, low ranged soakers, I made the capture while carrying my 12k, a .5L bottle, and a Max-D 2k. Using waterpower in a smart manner was necessary to assaulting their base, and eliminating key players defending the flag was also very important, especially the person who was using the hose.

We used a base to base setup around my house, with the front hose being the front base and the backyard + hose being the back base. Red team was in the front and blue team, my team, was in the back. The front's hose could extend to great lengths so their flag was farther away. We, blue team, originally had out flag behind cover but it was too far away from our spawn/hose so we ended up moving it slightly closer. The front's hose was long enough; I even told them they could conduct assaults on our flag with it, which caused us to loose (or almost loose) one round as I was eliminated when their hose user moved up with the riot shield. However, their hose was often vulnerable to be shut off, though when I made our last capture, I simply managed to eliminate the hose user without shutting off the hose. Of course, water balloons were also helpful to our scorings as some of our team members successfully made some eliminations with carefully thrown water balloons on unsuspecting enemy targets. We would simply fill up and tie one balloon a time and do that between rounds so there were never any caches around for the enemy to take and the time it took to fill and tie a balloon wouldn't interrupt with gameplay.

The fourth round got messy. Our flags were placed on blue buckets and red team decided to hide their flag under the buckets. One of our runners ended up taking the bucket without knowing where the flag was, but the enemy team never managed to make a complete capture either. They considered their flag hiding fair after we threw water balloons on them, though they never even asked for balloons and they even had a 6th member on their team after another person arrived very late. The 4th match ended up in a stalemate; we ended it early before any caps were made, so blue team officially won anyways.

Next up, soakmatch, or deathmatch to put it in more elegant terms. The rules were the same as CTF without the flags except everytime a player spawned, he had to mark a tally on a nearby sheet. We also had a 10 minute time limit.

Tactics changed considerably on this round. Without the use of having runners, I had to ensure my team was armed properly despite the relative lack of good CPS's around. I stuck to my trusty 12k and went along. Supposedly we made quite a few kills, at least 10 or so total, but it was hard to count. We got around 6-9 deaths most of which were from me. When the time limit expired, I gathered up the enemy's tally sheet and showed it to our team. Instead of tallying, they drew a Pikachu on it, captioned with "pika pika pikachu" and so I proceeded to count how many lines it was drawn with. I think that resulted in an official count of at least 30 deaths for them. Also, their spawn point was at the front door, where I placed a sign telling people not to go inside. The things that red team drew on that sign were far more questionable than what they drew on the tally sheet.

After that, we degenerate into a soakfest again, as tradition demands. I got hosed down again and the riot shield didn't help a lot either. I also went with a heavy loadout; 2700 + FF. I dropped the MD2k and went with two water bottles. After that Cedar Point trip where I had to carry 4 bottles of drinking water, I decided to slim down the bottle loadout on water wars and I think it helped considerably. Nonetheless, the 2700 + FF was disappointing to use against the hose users. I seldom got a good Flood shot at them and the volume outputted was nothing compared to the hose. I got a few semi-decent 2700 full-shots in though, but it was still not quite that much. Later, while some friends stop soaking and just hang around, I filled up a water balloon with my FF, grabbed the riot shield again, and proceeded to imitate the Mauler from Gears of War 2. It was pretty hilarious but would've been better if the water balloon I had had a long neck that would allow it to be swung around more easily.

At the end, my friend from TN left his shoes at blue base, so his friend drove him back. He grabs the shoes and then we proceeded to use my last can of Bio-Ooze on the other guy's car. Here's a picture after the Oozinator went in action, and I'll leave you guys with that.

Congratulations, Hasbro!
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Re: HBWW 2010 water wars

Post by zeda.beta » Sat Jul 31, 2010 12:47 am

Good detailed write up. As for the oozinator, it has become somewhat of an internet celebrity with an "interesting" commercial. :rolleyes:
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Re: HBWW 2010 water wars

Post by cantab » Sat Jul 31, 2010 11:16 am

Have only skimmed so far. From the sounds of it, hoses are WAY overpowering. Have you given any thought to limiting them? (Perhaps make them really short, like a metre or two, so they can only be used defensively).
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