Ocean Volcano Union: Battle Report 11/29/09

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Ocean Volcano Union: Battle Report 11/29/09

Post by JuchTurtles » Sun Nov 29, 2009 10:28 pm

We had another war today.

It was an even nicer day than yesterday. *HaroldBears and I called up everybody.

It was 3v4. *We finally had some more people. *I think it's because of sports and stuff. *Here are the teams with weapons.

Commandor HaroldBears: Monster X, Renegade
Fire Seitz: Vindicator, Secret Strike
Green: Storm 800, Bottle Shot
Fiery Flood: Hydroblitz, Flash Flood

Commander JuchJawsTurtles(me): CPS 1200, XP 270
Snake-Eyes: CPS 4100, Vindicator
Underwater: Soakist: Equilizer, XP 220, lots of balloons (carried in pipe)

We played One-Hit Kills Respawn (we played for an hour).

The battlefield was a nearby park. *It has some large hills, some woods, and some good hiding places. *The two bases were a gazebo and a covered lunch area (it had lots of space so we utilized it). The TiDE had the gazebo, which is on a huge hill!

It was 65 degrees F today.

So here's what happened:

Everyone started at their bases. *After a whistle signal the war had begun. *My team and I went left and down a trail in the woods. *When the trail turned right, we continued.

And I still don't understand what happened next. *Fire Seitz and Fiery Flood jumped out and fired riot blasts and huge streams at us.

We all were hit. *It was such a surprise attack! *I don't know how they had gotten there so fast; we'd only gone about 100 yards and it was like 300 from their base.*

We had to respawn. *We all rushed back. *The two that had soaked us had disappeared. *As we arrived we noticed that HaroldBears and Green were going up the hill and they didn't know we were there. *Underwater Soakist threw a balloon about 100 feet (he has quite an arm) and hit HaroldBears directly in the chest, drenching the duo.

The score was 2-3, with them winning, but not for long.

Suddenly we heard a battle cry and Fire Seitz with Fiery Flood both charged at us from the woods. *They were about 40 feet away.

Snake-Eyes and I (because we both had CPSes) shot at them. *Fiery Flood was hit, but Fire Seitz was quick and a good dodger.

He managed to almost hit me but we promptly shot at him. *He never was hit, but he ran back to base to reunite with his team.

3-3 now.

We went down the hill and then Snake-Eyes set himself up with his guns as a sniper. *We were about 60 feet away from their base (the hill is like 250 yards long; it's huge) so if they tried to run, they'd have to go through him.

They were talking in their base. *Underwater Soakist and I went into the woods until we were facing Snake-Eyes on the other side. *Then we went up to their base quietly on the side of a wall. *Then we jumped up and fired.

Green and Fire Seitz were hit, but HaroldBears and Fiery Flood fled, going straight towards Snake-Eyes.

They were about 40 feet away from Snake-Eyes, in range. *He fired both, Vindicator and 4100 at them. *Both were hit.

7-3 with us winning. *As they were respawning, we went into the woods. *I checked my watch here. *20 minutes had passed. *We turned right and heard someone coming behind us. *So we went into some shrubs and waited.

Unluckily, it was a lady walking her dog. *She didn't see us either. *So Snake-Eyes stood up and then sat down again whispering that they were coming.

We pumped our primary guns and a Vindicator and waited until they were about 2or3 yards away.

We jumped out and fired. *They were taken by surprise, but they dodged it and fired back. *Underwater Soakist was hit. *He gave me a balloon, and I threw it at HaroldBears.

Snake-Eyes was out of the bushes while shooting and dodging. *He was hit, but only after getting two points (Fiery Flood and Green). *Fire Seitz fled with the ones who needed to respawn.

10-5 us

We all went back to our base too. *The CPS 4100 needed a refil (that thing runs out fast!) so we filled it up with the four gallon tank we bring to the park.

After that, we saw the other team in the woods, and so we headed in their direction.

Big mistake. *They charged at us. *We tried to retreat, but they were so close that we all were hit. *I managed to hit Green, though, so it wasn't as big of a loss.

11-9 us.

They went away while we were respawning.

For the next ten or so minutes we didn't run into each other.

We finally did by accident in a trail junction in the woods. *HaroldBears and I exchanged shots, and points. *Snake-Eyes hit Fire Seitz, but then he was hit by Green. *Underwater Soakist hit Green and then took cover. *Fiery Flood chased after him.

The score was 15-12.

There were 10 minutes left in the game. *The other team ran as fast as they could to their base and we hurried some too. *Everybody but Underwater Soakist.

We stayed at the base and waited, until when we saw Underwater Soakist drenched.

Definitely a point. 15-13.

After about two minutes of waiting and looking around, the other team charged from the woods. *Snake-Eyes shot quickly but missed because they were a little to far away. *I fired the 1200 and hit Fiery Flood in the shoulder. *HaroldBears fired back hitting Underwater Soakist. *We all ducked as water balloons and streams hit nearby. *They had to repump, so we shot them. *Everyone but HaroldBears was hit.

While they were respawning, time expired. *We won 18-13. *It was very action packed and a fun experience.

But the tiredest of everybody was Underwater Soakist. *He was drenched to the skin by the end. *He told me later, "They tortured me with water." It was pretty funny.
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