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Repairs to water guns. Please put repair topics in this forum so that people do not have to sort through so many topics when looking for a repair. If a fix is included in the topic, please add (Fixed) before the topic title to indicate so.
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Post by Jadefalcon09 » Mon Jan 24, 2005 8:54 pm

Hey there folks. From time to time, Soakers will pick up age. With that age comes performance problems. To keep your soaker going, there are fixes to those problems. To better understand your problem, and most importantly get a faster fix to it, follow this template when posting your tech issue.

Tech Template
1.) In 1, brief sentence, describe the problem.
(example- When I pump my *Insert Gun Name*, water leaks out of the nozzle without me pulling the trigger.)
2.) In 1 sentence, describe what you think the problem is (leak, busted tube, defect, etc)
(example- I think it is a tube leak, or a rod inside is becoming weak.)
3.) Go into detail and describe what exactly is going on. List all the general steps taken to get to the problem (did you bang it on concrete? is it leaking AFTER or BEFORE pumping?)
(example- I filled my gun with water, about 2/3 full. I pumped my gun to about 1/4 pressure, and it began to shoot out of the nozzle.)
4.) Tell us the age of your soaker if you can, or an approximate age of the gun.
(example- about 3 years old.)
5.) Do your homework, what do you think will fix the problem, if you can think of any solutions
(example- I am not sure about the problem, I do not have much tech experience.)
6.) Provide a detailed picture.
7.) Give us the Model Name, gun type, and if possible the company name.
(example- My gun is a CPS model, the picture from isoaker's site shows this is a CPS 1000, made by larami.)

Also mention if your soaker is lacking in performance lately, or if it is not feeling just right to you, it may need a reinforcement or repair. Hopefully this template will get a few questions answered quicker, and you and your soaker back on the field faster!