So Guts N Glory is BACK...err, sort of!

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Re: So Guts N Glory is BACK...err, sort of!

Post by GutsNGlory » Thu Aug 19, 2010 5:17 am

Thanks for the comments Isoak - good to be back in town.

I can see what you mean about letting things naturally happen. I can see pros and cons with each viewpoint. You make some good points about things staying the way they are or at the very least, not feeling obligated to try and cram the community into a predetermined hole, especially if we're using a square peg to do it :)

I'm inclined to agree. However, I do feel that with the size of the community, consolidating can have some unique advantages. It has the potential to double or even triple the size of the community, which can be powerful. When I come on to a forum and still see threads on the 1st pages that are months old with no new responses, it means that I check it less, and if I check it less...heh I'm probably liable to disappear for another 4 years :)

All that to say I think certain things come into play: gauging or 'feeling out' the current atmosphere/air of the community and if a shift could happen and how easily. Then I think you'd have to get some big/motivating/influential people backing it up. Then there is agreement on where, what, and the like. Then of course advertising the move, moving, and shutting down some of the previous avenues.

But really, you made the biggest point - making the best community and doing the best we can to serve it. If that means staying as is, then cool! Less work! :D Or if it means moving, then something new and fresh is created. I think that is also how you separate out people with hidden agendas - if they are not willing to consider something even if its for the good of the community. Likewise, I think that is how great supporters and leaders are discovered - those that are flexible/willing to move in whatever direction for the good of the community. There is no selfish ambition in it.

You know, honestly, its weird - I can't remember the last time I used a soaker 'for real', but because this community was something that was very important to me back in some of my more formative years, I feel its worthwhile to stay around. I don't really know how much I can add at this point, but from being in my former position it gives me a desire to give back and help those out that are where I used to be. Its looking at things from the other side now.

Whatever is decided - to stay or to move, I'm pretty cool with whatever. And if I can help with whatever it is, all the better :) :cool:

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Re: So Guts N Glory is BACK...err, sort of!

Post by isoaker_com » Fri Aug 20, 2010 2:33 pm

The way I look at it, there's no way to "force" a consolidation. At best, all existing community admins can agree to close and leave only one forum running, but that doesn't stop someone else from deciding that they aren't happy with that one forum and opening up a new board.

It is also exceedingly difficult to know what it is really good for the community. A single board has its benefits, but also has its shortcomings as well.

When it comes to community dynamics, it's up to the members to decide which of the open places they wish to post and up to some to choose whether or not to try running a set of forums.

That said, if you're uncertain how long you'll remain active (i.e. that you may disappear again for awhile), it's probably best not to push for building a new forum. Of course, the final choice is always up to you. All we can do it what we hope is best for helping the community develop.

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