Monster XLs & CPS 2000s

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Monster XLs & CPS 2000s

Post by joannaardway » Thu May 18, 2006 9:33 am

This is a reposting of the original topic "CPS 2000s and Monster XLs"

I need a simple post to help explain these particular soakers to newcomers that ask for them.

The previous topic has been unpinned, and moved to "General" and can be continued as such. This one will be locked to keep it simple.

It is hard to miss that most new users on this forum that turn up asking for water guns tend to ask for either:

A CPS 2000
A Monster XL.

To avoid having to give the same response everytime, I'm putting this topic here in the hope that some new users may spot it.

a) A CPS 2000

This is because it is the "most powerful" water gun. Perhaps. It is a very powerful stock watergun, but it can be outclasses.

Most people could build a homemade with more range and power than a CPS 2000. And the odds are that it will cost a far amount less, given that CPS 2000s can go for hundreds of dollars.

A homemade could also have a nozzle selector, and more than the 1 second of shot time that the CPS 2000 has.

If you want to ask about homemades, you are almost certainly at the right site. Head to the "new users" area and ask away. If you say you've read this, I'm sure we'll be impressed.

b) A monster XL

This is because it is the "biggest" water gun. Fair enough, it holds the world record for it.

However, size doesn't necessarily mean power. Given it's size, the Monster XL isn't very powerful.

Many of you will have trouble lifting one of these. It weighs more empty than most of the CPS line do when FULL (exception made for the backpacks and 2700).

I don't know exactly, but I guess that there may be a better choice of soaker for you - ask something based on the following (probably in the new users forum):

"I want a watergun than can do xxx/has xxx. Can any one recommend something that I can buy for around $xxx?. I am prepared to (delete as applicable) do some work to get a bit more if I need it/use Ebay/buy from another member/go to my local store"

A final point:


Someone else has already asked for them - you are not the first. I could link to some of them to show you.

People on these forums know what these weapons are worth. They are going to go for the high end prices if they want to sell, and in truth, will probably want to keep theirs.

If you find it offered in the "Offered" section (what are the odds?) then yes, ask about it (but not if the topic is dead - in other words if it's a few months old or has clearly been sold.)

Your best bet is probably to lurk on Ebay if you have to have one of those particular soakers.

Search for misspelt terms or poorly listed soakers - these will get less hits, and therefore will go for less. At the worst, use Ebay's sections and get down to "Water guns" and search however many hundreds of listings there are. The odds are that you will find something that normal search terms will miss.
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