Super simple water war rules

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Re: Super simple water war rules

Post by DLVR8R » Mon Aug 22, 2011 10:21 pm

We had the water war this Saturday - there are some things I want to improve for next time, but it went great overall. We had something like 30-40 people on each team. Our field was an area of a park about 400' x 100', with a row of several large trees up the middle for cover. We set up several large bins of water along the length of the field for refilling / defense points (very effective with Stream Machines!). I'll post pics in a few days.

We played 2 rounds of about 10 minutes each, and then the game basically dissolved into a free for all. I think the freezing system actually worked really well. You'd often have 1 player pinned down by multiple enemies and unable to advance, but with a team mate giving cover fire, he could peel back, strafe to the side, and try to advance from another angle. There was a lot of this kind of back-and forth maneuvering between the two teams. I had fun "freezing" enemies - it really did feel like your squirt gun was shooting a "freeze ray"! And of course it meant that everyone ended up absolutely soaked from head to toe. People cooperated with the freezing rule pretty well, and I don't think there were really any big disputes between players.

There are two things that we'll need to tweak for next time. First, we used colored head bands to identify teams. From a distance, it was hard to tell which team someone was on, so it was difficult to decide if you should try to enter the enemy base and score, or stay on the field to help your team defend. We need to have people wear red / blue T-shirts or something that stands out more. Second, the 'invasion' objective worked - a little too well. I thought 10 minutes would be a very short time limit, but we ended up with pretty much every player in their enemy's base before the time ran out, so we didn't really have a clear winner. Maybe we will use CTF or something next time.

The important distinction is that this was an all-out soakfest with teams and simple rules thrown in to make it more interesting - it was never intended to be "milsim with squirt guns". Just getting everyone organized and rounded up into teams was like herding cats, so I'm very glad we didn't have to deal with setting up hit markers on top of that! Just something to consider if you need to organize a casual game with people who are mostly not all that serious about their squirt gun wars.

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Re: Super simple water war rules

Post by ncog » Sat Sep 03, 2011 4:00 pm

Sounds like fun, nice work!

I think most casual games turn into soakfests after so much time, so you did well to get two rounds in.

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Re: Super simple water war rules

Post by strato_2r5 » Tue Sep 13, 2011 5:05 am

Sorry to Necro, but I'm on a (mostly) hiatus until Spring. If you're willing to have a war with me in Summer, I'm in the Bay Area, so there's not much opportunity for a war. If it's a huge war, like at least 50 knowledgeable water warriors, then I think my parents would be willing to drive me at most for 2 hours, but they don't really know I post here, so idk how that'll work.

Also, I prefer objective based games like what you had planned, except with respawns and such.
Sorry if I'm not active much, busy on another forum and another project non-soaker related.