SSC reaches 500 members

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SSC reaches 500 members

Post by LIGHT ANNIHILATOR » Thu Nov 10, 2005 10:41 pm

SSC has finally reached 500 members, the newest and 500th member is Chris Bloch. This is a big milestone in my opinon, even though many of those members don't post anymore, 500 members is still worth bragging about. :cool:
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Post by DX » Thu Nov 10, 2005 11:24 pm

I just realized that vBulletin doesn't display your member number. It gives join date, but no number. Also, the real amount of members may be half that, since there have been 2 rounds of deletion of non-posting members. Each new member will recieve a new number, they don't go down when a member is deleted.

Anyway, 500 at least looks good!
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Post by SSCBen » Fri Nov 11, 2005 12:03 am

Actually, we have slightly less than 500 members due to duplicates, but the number does look good. You can't see member numbers so easily, but if you look at profile links such as Find all posts by Member, then you can see the member number easily. An example is below. ... er&u=[b]75[/b]