CPS Splashzooka fun

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CPS Splashzooka fun

Post by VAJMH » Tue Mar 09, 2010 11:50 pm

When I put my splashzookas up for sale I hadnt tested them yet, but once I realized they might be selling soon I decided I had to. I found out with the first one that theyre actually a great little gun if you know how to treat them. Theres a certain trick to holding them just so in the QFD and if you dont get it right they either dont fill or the water fills the internals somehow (it goes around the casing near the nozzle in my case)

So the first challenge is to open the thing up. The screws were really no problem here until I got to two of them on top between the overflow spout (black circle) and the nozzle. They were so far recessed in the blaster that no screw driver I had could reach them. Some were long enough but too thick, and some were thin enough but too short. So I ended up having to split the casing just for those two screws. Oh, and the four screws holding the thing in on the back? Don't bother, theres no reason you'd ever need to remove them as far as I can tell, that part stays on the green casing and the green casing doesnt come apart.

Once you split the casing where those two screws are, or find a really odd screwdriver, the gun is very beautiful and simple. One in, two outs, a really nice trigger system. There is very, very little room for problems in the splashzooka, all of like, I think, 5 inches of tubing at the most between the trigger and the reservoir. What I found to be the main problem was that the reservoir wasnt firmly attached to the tubing and trigger bits. So if you pressurize it without the casing, it can and will shoot off and go maybe twenty feet in the air. Eeep. I also noticed that the juncture between reservoir and the tubing was the main place for leakage, either that or actually outside the gun where it hits the QFD. The black ring on the nozzle is a washer, and here it seemed to have gotten shrunken or fallen off entirely. Thats a very simple replacement.

So my task is to make sure theres no more leakage from either junction, at which point the gun will be good to go. One thing I dislike about the zook is that it lacks any way to guage how full it is, theres no system for that at all. So while I had mine open I painted an orange band onto the black part at the end of the CPS chamber to help a little when the case gets fogged up.

I'm about to apply a bead of hot glue around the juncture between the CPS chamber and the tubing, and then I'll get to a hardware store and find a washer to fit the thing, and I'll be all set.
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