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Archive mode

Posted: Sat Dec 03, 2011 11:14 pm
by SSCBen
The forum is now in archive mode.

Registration and new posts are disabled except for moderators and administrators.

A list of questions and answers is in the next post.

Re: Archive mode

Posted: Thu Dec 22, 2011 4:39 am
by SSCBen
You can still edit your posts for now. You can still read, receive, and send PMs.

Thank you everyone for the excellent discussion over the years. I encourage everyone who has not already to head over to the online community's new home,

Please PM or email me if you have any issues or questions not addressed below.

What is archive mode?

New posts and registrations are disabled---new discussions can not be added. The forums are now an archive of past discussions.

Why are the forums in archive mode?

I am the main technical administrator at the moment. I am a graduate student in engineering and I do not have time to maintain the forum or contribute. Our forum software is rapidly becoming outdated. The software runs on our server only through hacks that are not likely to continue working over the next few years. Converting to a different forum software is possible, but the process would be time consuming. In short, I do not have time to administrate the forum any longer.

Additionally, the online water gun community has shrunk considerably over the years, and promoting a single unified forum seems to be a good way to keep the community together. Two forums divide the community unnecessarily.

Where can I go to discuss water guns and water wars online? is the new community hub.

Will the SSC forums reopen in the future?

Probably not.

However, if has problems the forums may temporarily reopen.

Will the SSC forums go offline any time soon?

I will try my best to keep the SSC forums online in some form as a reference. In the future they might be converted into a static HTML form that would last indefinitely.

What about the feedback forum?

The feedback forum will eventually move to

What will happen to the SSC website?

I have no immediate plans for the website. What is online now will remain so in some form.

Likely new homemade water guns and modifications will be added in the future. I also intend to adapt the FAQ here and some other articles I wrote for the Wiki, so some content might move.

What will be the role of SSC in the future online community?

At the very least I'd like to focus on what we are famous for: homemade water guns and water gun modifications.

I really liked the SSC forums. just doesn't feel right. What should I do?

You'll probably get used to it. In the future when a big change is made to it'll feel jarring too.

However, if there is anything in particular that lacks, then you should bring this up with the administrators there.