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Store closing

Posted: Fri Jun 13, 2008 3:24 pm
by SSCBen
Due to several factors I have decided to close the SSC Store at least for this year.

The main reason behind this is that while there are a lot of people interested, most people (1) don't want to pay as much money as it costs and (2) don't understand what is possible. Emailing them to explain things takes time. Most orders I've received stopped after I sent my follow-up email, so my efforts seem wasted. I tried putting FAQs up on the store page and pointing people to other pages if they had questions but that didn't seem to help much.

Perhaps it was a problem with the format. Either way, the store is closed for this year. Next year I do intend to try a store again but with a different format.

If you already had an order going through with me don't worry. I will complete your order given that you pay (unless I have said otherwise). I have received no payment so far from anyone so I can not build anything. Payment information is on the store page. I accept PayPal and money order. If you want me to use another service please let me know by email.

If you did not contact me but want a custom water gun, I would suggest posting at the forum to see if someone else is interested in building for you.