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Post by Freakymist » Sun Apr 13, 2003 3:22 am

I installed shout box live! Shout box is a chatroom integrated into our forums like the rest of our site. We plan on moving the shout box from the top to one of the boxes in the portal. We are also considering a karma system but more information on that later. We have some pretty big plans for sscentral. We are also planning on setting up webmail for members who request it. Doomsoaker is working on a new skin and we are setting up a new and easier way for members to submit articles. Today I used an image razorsharp made to make a logo which in in the top right corner of this page. Thank You razor sharp!

All members should start posting more so they can reach the post count of 30, with out spamming our board. A post count of 30 is the required amount for most of our contest and other things such as homemade soaker plans. We will be adding a whole lot more to SSCentral in the months to come because of the opening of IBPlanet, which is a resource for our boards it contains stuff such as skins and mods. IBPlanet is a big help to our growth.


Update: I moved the shoutbox to the side Navigation bar. It don't work in any other skins other than the default. Freakymist, please update the skin files to work.