Upgrading CPS 1500, 2 X:: 5X:: 10 X:: 20 X::

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Upgrading CPS 1500, 2 X:: 5X:: 10 X:: 20 X::

Post by -G-JiV- » Wed Nov 17, 2010 10:20 pm

Hi my friends on SSC :)

People were so often talking about that the CPS 2700 does not have a 20 X:: stream and that having a 2 X:: is very useful...

I thought about this since a very long time, and today I finished^^

Thanksfully I made some pictures of the CPS 1500 and the modifications I did, so all of you can enjoy :)

First of all the CPS 1500 opened:


People do not like using the CPS 1500 in water warfare due to its fragility of the pump. That is right, therefore I replaced the PVC with a pipe out of aluminium :) It is compact and will never break...

Process of replacing "pump-stab":


Cut an aluminium pipe at the same lengh as the PVC.


Drill in a whole so the grip can be fixed:


Now you have to remove the pump-element of the PVC.


This is probably the most difficult part here. I did not manage to get it off without breaking but that is ok, you will glue it together with the aluminium and in the end you cannot see anything :)
Polish the new pump a bit and so you get a new and very stable pump, invulnerable to breaking during pump-action :)


Next thing was K-modding. I know all of you know this but here is the working process:

Locate PC. Carefully open the PC, do not ruin the screwls!


Then put over ballons, as much as you want. I only put over 5 strong ballons, so the PC is a bit overpowered :)

Opened PC, Bladder with ballons:


And now the important part:

Installing a further 2 X:: nozzle and a 20 X:: nozzle, so you get 4 great nozzles^^

Locate the nozzle sellector-plate. Remove screws and get it out of there. Then I thought about where I could place 2 new nozzles...it seems to be incredible because there is really fiew space for them...
But believe in me there is^^

I used a circle and made a circuit, which exactly goes through the middle of the wholes. At this circuit I drilled in two holes, one for fixing the nozzle-selector, 180°, at the opposite, I drilled in the 2 X:: hole. Then I had to cut off some unused parts of the nozzle plate so you can rotate it about 180 degrees. I also had to cut off further plastic parts, because there is so much that stops the selector from rotating more than 45 degrees...

As you can read I only drilled in a 2 X:: stream, but I also got a 20 X::^^ The 20 X:: was archieved because you can use the 5X:: nozzle as nozzle-fixment and use the nozzle-fixment instead of the 5 X::, which is rated at 20 X::. This is only able when the selector can be rotated by 180 degrees :)

And that is what the nozzle-plate looks like :


Get everything together and finished! The CPS 1500 now has a very strong and stable pump, unable to break.
PC was K-modded
and I now got a

2X:: to save water
5X:: to wet people
10X:: to throughly soak people
20X:: for complete insanity and soaking your opponent from head to feet in seconds...ahaha it is so great :D

All streams got same range, 12 metres, this is also great^^

Anyone who wants to battle against me? My CPS 1500 got everything now, may I build up a backpack but 3 litres is enough at the moment :D

!! Let's soak xD !!
A gunner has to do what his Soaker requires...

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Re: Upgrading CPS 1500, 2 X:: 5X:: 10 X:: 20 X::

Post by martianshark » Thu Nov 18, 2010 12:17 am

Nice mods. I would have done more than 5 balloons, though. This should be in the modification section of SSC.