My Next Mod Project, Inspired by XN

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My Next Mod Project, Inspired by XN

Post by DX » Thu Jun 15, 2006 9:47 pm

I was feeling nostalgic and decided to do some digging in the ancient ruins of Soakerdom. What I unearthed was somewhat shocking and/or enlightening. 4-6 years ago, a certain individual explained how to obtain power beyond the simple k-mod. I was going in the right direction when I got into PC Swapping Integrations. However, what I didn't know was that you're supposed to go even further! Basically, one message of that certain individual lives on today in grand fashion, but some others have been totally forgotten. The k-mod was just one step. This person not only layed the groundwork for going further, he physically did! He made a gun more powerful than the CPS 2000, an unheard-of accomplishment in his time.

My next mod project is to recreate the ultimate modded gun of XN. What he did probably puts all my other modded guns to shame. I am going to make the "12,000/1000" and bring history back to life. Plus with the modern tech we have available today. XN mentions the nozzle sizing being a problem. We can fix that and optimize the nozzle size today. XN used 40 or 60 balloons to k-mod, we can go higher today.

This is going to involve more than just putting a 12K pc in a 1000. All of the internals must be swapped, if possible. The resulting gun must have the 12K check valve, easy if the full internals will fit. This of course also requires a CPS 1200 and 1000, guns which I don't have. Therefore, this project may take a while, since I don't know where I'm going to be able to find said guns. They are rather rare, even on Ebay. I will be observing XN's theory of HPL, or high pressure limit.

This is not well-documented, so help would be much appreciated! Image

The original article [note how advanced it is for its time!]:

xNeverFaceDefeatx wrote:Different Kinds of Power.

One could assume that specific power is specific power, and essentially, it remains constant, a form of energy that is described as always being uniform. However, through different applications, the same power can be harnessed to work in different ways, so essentially, it is not the power that changes, but the way it is applied. The reason for the title is to allow for easier understanding, but by this last paragraph, I may have lost everyone in it. Onto the element.
Power can be harnessed in many ways. It can be harnessed to limit it, or to totally let it do its own agenda, however, you will see the specific factors effecting what I am explaining. Most recently, I have pulled out an old dormant experiment of mine, the CPS-12000/1000, perhaps not unique in theory, but unique in actually design and application. This experiment, 12000/1000, includes a combined number of factors that allow for it to achieve what I am going to describle, not just one change. Basically, the whole design of the project was to design a modify a blaster to fire as hard or harder than the CPS-2000. But what is hard? What does that describe? What does it mean to you?
To many, it means distance. Surely the most common misconception is that the farther the distance, the more power applied. However, this is wrong, and I will prove it(I hope I am right here!) Basically, the 12000/1000 has been power-modded, not only to the main pressure structure, but the entire weapon being tuned to allow for the stresses of higher performance. Then the CPS-2000. The CPS-2000 in this experiment is the constant, firing 50-55 ft. with a 20X stream. The 12000/1000 cannot be the constant because I have no documentation yet of it's true caliber. The first test was a distance test. First, since the CPS-2000 is the unnoficial victor, is fired first to allow the 12000/1000 to 'step up' to it. The weapon was fired at a 45 degree angle and the huge stream rained down on concrete. Its distance was noted. Next, the 12000/1000 was tested in the exact same manner, same start, same angle, and fired. The majority of the stream fell about 5-7 feet behind the 2000s. Next, a raw power velocity test. This test is performed in a opened garage to shield it from the side wind. I took the 2000, and held it level against the groud, and fired. Its distance was noted. Then, taking the 12000/1000, under the same conditions, same start, level ground, and fired. The stream moved past the resting place of the 2000's and fell 7 feet ahead of it. It completely caught me off guard. What does this tell me? I am not sure yet, other than many factors affected the difference: 1. Power

CPS-2000-High power weapon rated beyond 26 psi

No comparison available. -this is what we are trying to find out!

Nozzle system- This is where the true difference lies.

CPS-2000-20X nozzle rating, no tube style nozzle opening, mesh wired

CPS-12000/1000 9x estimated(talking in size), no tube style nozzle, mesh wired.

The effects-The CPS-2000 produces a lobbing of 20x water stream that has enough momentum to carry it far distances.
The 12000/1000 has a smaller nozzle that can't 100% handle the power being delivered, therefore breaking up the stream and causing less distance.

One thing out of this whole test that was plainly obvious-The 12000/1000 has a MUCH higher nozzle velocity than the CPS-2000. In other words, it delivers it's water quicker, but distance does have an effect on velocity. It seems natural that the faster the water is traveling, the faster the stream will be to break up. So slow the water down by giving it a larger nozzle. Then what do we have? The CPS-2000, a more focused stream able to travel greater distances without breaking up, but without the lightning speed it had before. This acticle deals alot about nozzle size control, and hopefully give you a better understanding about how your gun works. So what do you want out of your soaker? Greater distance? Greater water surface area? Lightning quick response? A conserving stream? There are so many options. You can now custom tune your gun without altering it in any other way. Perhaps this is the secret behind the old tradition of drilling out the nozzle, and many just accept it as a reasonable mod without undertanding its true potential or effects. Now, you must understand that nozzle size control is a balance. If you want more of this, you will have to sacrifice that. Sometimes changing raw power is required to bring about the desired effect since the tailored nozzle design might work only specifically with higher power systems. So we now know that the the different types of power is really the different types of ways power can be applied.
Next time you decide you want to adjust your stream to fit your needs, know that the what you change has a dramatic emphasis on performance, and not only know it, but USE it to your advantage. Find the balance that is right for you, and custom tune your soaker to fit YOU.

...a certain someone is lucky that this is me and not someone else...most staff members have been quite angry when their own posts are edited by others... :rolleyes:
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Post by Silence » Fri Jun 16, 2006 1:54 am

By the way, I made the above passage into a quote for easier identification...sorry if you didn't want it like that.

Now, back on topic, it is indeed quite an impressive article. I, too, am suprised that what we believe to be momentum itself can give the CPS 2000 greater range, and from lesser velocity. And the method of obtaining power does appear to be variable now, because we can use greater stream sizes to get greater range and to reduce turbulence, but it also decreases the velocity. Although the fact I just regurgitated has been known for a very long time, I simply find it impressive that xN could obtain results that manifested this so well.

I'm assuming you posted that quote mainly because it's one of the few ones left that refer to his modded soaker; but I'm also sure you know the gist of what needs to be done. Also, I doubt the CPS 2100 was out way back then, so if the CPS 1200 (or another guns') internals fit within, you could try putting those in like that. However, this has brought me a question: exactly why would you perform an integration mod, unless you want more power in a smaller gun? Exactly how do you get more power with a CPS 15.21K than with a CPS 15K?

Of course, from the introduction to this topic, I can understand exactly why having the internals match the PC would help. However, chances are that the barrel of the smaller gun might be even narrower than normal, but I'm not too sure if that's always the case. Also, this again raises the question of why such a soaker would be more powerful than the original in any way. It's an impressive mod, though...

EDIT: Sorry about editing your post...I just thought it would read better this way. No offense, I hope? I suppose I owe you one...

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Post by DX » Fri Jun 16, 2006 2:19 am

exactly why would you perform an integration mod, unless you want more power in a smaller gun? Exactly how do you get more power with a CPS 15.21K than with a CPS 15K?

CPS 15K with 30 balloons = CPS 1521 with no k-mod
CPS 15K with 70 balloons < CPS 15.21K with 70 balloons

For some reason, the primary gun in an integration acts like its been lightly k-modded. The output goes up, the range goes way up, and the pump even gets a bit harder. You can get superior power in a smaller gun, although stats like capacity and shot time may suffer in a case like a 1500 pc going to a 2100 casing.

XN saw this, but actually went a lot further. He figured out that some guns have stronger check valves than others among other things, in a theory called high pressure limits. So he swapped more than just pcs. However, due to the lack of today's knowledge, he probably did not get ranges over 60ft. He used 40-60 balloons in his k-mods, not enough to get 60 even with the integration. Actually, what he got is exactly what you would get today if you did it exactly the same way. Today, doing a nozzle mod, adding more balloons, and calculating the best orifice will put you in the 60s. Then again, the mid-50s were very impressive for his time.

You should read some of his other articles on GnG. You'll be blown away by the level of sophistication of the 4-6 year old knowledge there.

It is sad that his experimental integration was stronger than many of our regular mods today!

I don't mind the editing, the post does look better. You should just be aware that there's history behind the editing of others' posts. It isn't the best habit to get into... :rolleyes:
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Post by Silence » Fri Jun 16, 2006 3:39 pm

I wonder if you get the performance boost by integrating a smaller spherical CPS weapon's PC into a larger soaker; that might be a neat experiment, although I'm sure you've done it already. I guess one of the advantages, along with the extra power, is the smaller package overall.

This is very interesting, though...while I did understand that smaller, weaker weapons are generally not designed to take the beating from pure integrations, it seemed even more similar to just having the original donating weapon. Strange... Once again, though, they didn't have CPS 2100s then which I think contain stronger internals as it is, although I'm not the CPS 2100 (or any CPS weapon, for that matter) expert.

Well then, good luck with your experiment/mod/upgrade, and I'm looking forward to the results. If I ever find two scrapped CPS soakers that have compatible integrations which will bypass the breaks, I'll be sure to try this. This sounds a little like the 70-foot homemade challenge, though, with the application of more recent technology...except that this is actually a bit more battle-practical.

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Post by SSCBen » Sat Jun 17, 2006 12:00 am

There's a lot of information actually on this modification. Duxburian I believe is one of the few to have access to it however. Much of XN's work is only available on the old Yahoo Aquatica, which can not be joined and thus is inaccessible for most. I do have a file copy of every post made at that forum, but by request of iSoaker, I am not distributing it. I will search it for something interesting if you'd like.

There is more information on a page XN never officially put on his website. He also talks about his CPS 12000/1000 on Medium Guns, Medium Firepower. I'll also put a post from the Yahoo Aquatica below.
Date: 10/18/2001 06:22 PM wrote:Today, I found time to check out the 12000/1000.
I pieced it together, with the 12000's modded
chamber(keep in mind that this is a CPS-1000) and here are the
results wit the prototype test weapon.


Changes-Replaced stock chamber with 12000, no grips, frozen check
valve (gotta love it!), replaced stock pump and seal
with CPS-1-3-5 pump and seal(has higher quality rubber
end seal)

Objectives: Have the check valve
stay frozen while at higher pressures.


Notes: The 1-3-5 pump won't work. It is too short and
the diameter of the seal is too small. It leaked when
changed from out/in pumps.


Changes(from round 1)-Replaced 1-3-5 pump and seal with stock.
Strengethened pressure chamber even more. Put back in

Objectives: Same objective, but have the weapon not

Results: Success

Notes: The gun was rather hard to
pump. I took apart the 1000 once before, just to look
at it, then put it back together, and the pump
instantly became harded to pump. Maybe outside exposure to
seal lubricant? Same happened with the Terminator

Round 3

Changes: Added an 8x nozzle to give the
shot a little more power and not have the blast be
choked by a smaller nozzle.

Objectives: Same,
measuring how well the gun can stand more

Results: Success

Notes: This time I was very happy.
It fired exactly like my 12000. This is great! It
felt familiar. The main difference is that the 12000
was easier to pump. This could be because since then,
the 12000's chamber was altered when the gun was
pressurized but not fired due to a disconnected trigger
system in a rush to put it together for an emergency
situation. The gun was left pressurized overnight( Long
story, and I didn't know it was) and this could have
possibly have a detrimental effect on the HPL(high
pressure limit) of the pressure chamber itself. In this
case, it would need to be strenthened in order to
increase the pressure to the original modification. In
simple terms, the same power in the 12000 was somehow
weaker in the 12000/1000. Then again, I had not tested
the 12000 after it had been pressurized overnight. It
is still in pieces after it semi-exploded trying to
release the pressure with a disconnected trigger( a note
to all you guys out there!) Therefore, the results
of comparing the two guns is inconclusive because
there was no control(as in science experiments)
Besides, comparing the guns was not the prime objective.
The objective is to have a light, compact soaker that
almost everyone can use, that is more powerful than the
CPS-2000. And it is getting there, slowly but surely.
Thanks for hearing me out.


I did begin work on an "XN archive" of sorts that combines unrelease or posted content with all of his website content. That was my attempt to finish his unfinished website. I stopped work after I became aware that it would be too large a task and gave what I had done to M4, but it appears that nothing came out of that. I might just release a bunch of text files at this point.

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Post by DX » Sat Jun 17, 2006 1:17 am

Duxburian I believe is one of the few to have access to it however. Much of XN's work is only available on the old Yahoo Aquatica

Had that is. I don't remember the password to my SSC email account [it's only been changed about 10 times]. :confused: If you could PM a new password, that would be much appreciated. I may have accidentally deleted the archive, but I can't be sure.

Anyway, it doesn't say which check valve he used, but in another article is says the 1200 one. That means he switched out the 1000 internals entirely. I'll have to read more on it in order to be 100% sure of that. Little details like that are important...

EDIT: Found the password, however the archive is gone...
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