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Super Soaker Serial # Database

Post by marauder_4 » Wed Aug 03, 2011 7:46 pm

Last night, DX and I were discussing our CPS 2000s and looking at Wayne Schmidt's CPS 2000 page. At the end of Wayne's page he discusses serial numbers. I'll quote Wayne here:
CPS 2000 squirt guns have serial numbers printed on the left hand side just above and behind the pistol grip. I've talked to a couple of people on different water gun forums and they suggested that these are production codes defining which factory made the gun (the first two digits) and the year (the final digit: 6 and 7 for 1996 and 1997) in which it was made. So far I've collected five serial numbers: 3017, 3126, 3017, 3027, and 3107. The repeated 3017 confirms that these numbers aren't simply sequential serial numbers.

If the 6s and 7s truly represent the years of production, then mk1s were still being made in 1997. I took a look at my own CPS 2000 mk1. The serial number is 3017 and the date of production is 1996. The production date, as far as I have seen, always is a year prior to the year of release - which supports the idea that my mk1 was released in 1997, and supports the idea that the final digit represents the year of release. But what do the first 3 #s represent?

I would like to put together a database of, not just CPS 2000 serial numbers, but serial numbers for all Super Soakers. My goal is for us to discern patterns in the numbers and be able to figure out just what they mean and if we can use them for telling different marks apart, or perhaps something new all together.

Please post your Super Soakers, the production year listed on the blaster, and the serial number. I will then edit this post and begin compiling the database. So as not to confuse me, if you respond here please do not respond on isoaker, and if you respond on isoaker please do not respond here. I will edit this post to reflect replies made on both sites.