Backpack mod. With a QFD.

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Re: Backpack mod. With a QFD.

Post by Fatalness » Mon Aug 15, 2011 9:05 pm


So after a few runs and a couple games, I found out some important details that affected the performance of my mod.

First, the cap leaked. not a lot but it was a noticeable dribble. This was probably because i left out the rubber o-ring that came with the cap. I left it out becuase i sorta messed up during drilling the hole in the cap and it wouldnt stay in. So now, i decided to trim off the area of the o-ring being squeezed too much and now i got a really snug fit. no more leaks

Second of all the regular garden hose is pretty big and not very flexible. it bends when it hits the underside of my arm which blocked water flow. I found another hose which had lots of flexibility but didn't like to bend. It's curly, a lot like a telephone cord ( if anybody has a phone that still actually has that) or imagine a cork screw. ... 015dc.jpg/ ... e016i.jpg/
I also bought a one way valve from the dollar store, works great! Love the big handle.

Oh yeah i added some decals to my gun. looks pretty sick eh? ... 014fr.jpg/

For some reason the pics dont show in the post so I'm leaving the links
My Very First Mod and Gun - The $5 Dollar QFD Backpack Mod