!!! Important thing to be aware of !!!

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!!! Important thing to be aware of !!!

Post by -G-JiV- » Thu Jul 07, 2011 6:02 pm

Hi there, membership.

I just realized something to watch out carefully since people are very stupid these days. I made a bad experience and no one should come over this again

http://cgi.ebay.fr/Super-Soaker-CPS-200 ... 500wt_1156

Some days ago I bough this gun from a seller out of france. The gun is sured to work well and all is fine. The description says this is a Mk2 but the picture says something different, this is a Mk1 !
Well, I bargained and bought the gun for a nice price for a CPS 2000 Mk1. Of course I did not mention enything about the versions as I thought the seller is stupid and does not know what versions is looking like. A description can be false but a pictures says quite everything^^
Today the gun arrived, and well, I am very dissappointed! The gun he sold me is a CPS 2000 Mk2, but with a ugly sunbleached colour. It got lots of optical damages and deep scratches and even some plastic parts are partly broken. I realized now that he just "googled" for CPS 2000 and took one of the first pictures for his listing on ebay.
I paid 170 Dollars all together, which is ok for a Mk1 but not for a dirty, sun bleached and even leacking(o well...not even working... :( ) Mk2.

I will keep things up, and tell you whatever comes out.

Beaware, when buying such stuff. People really tend to steal photos and images from anywhere over the net, which they must not! THis is against the auctor's law and fights agains the "Copyright". Always as for several pictures and check whether they are from, the same gun or not. Be careful, this can end up in much trouble and a big loss of money.

thanks, till the next few days. I am interested in seeing what the seller will do, and will post all here then...

What a stupid deal, baaad luck :eek:
A gunner has to do what his Soaker requires...