PulseMaster vs Vindicator vs Expedition

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PulseMaster vs Vindicator vs Expedition

Post by cantab » Sun Jul 19, 2009 10:51 pm

Which is the best current Water Warrior, and thus probably the best current water blaster period?

I've only got the PulseMaster. It feels powerful, though I haven't range tested it. I've never used it in battle either. I took it to pirate punting, but found it had lost its cap, despite being tethered (I did find it again), so I used my CPSes and lent the PulseMaster to someone else. Who I don't think shot me that much with it, but I can't really remember. (And given I fell in the river five times, no water blaster was likely to get me much wetter than I already was!)

Based on iSoaker's reviews, it would seem to be Expedition > Vindicator > PulseMaster. But has he or anyone else actually tested the three guns side-by-side?
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Re: PulseMaster vs Vindicator vs Expedition

Post by isoaker_com » Mon Jul 20, 2009 1:39 am

cantab wrote:Based on iSoaker's reviews, it would seem to be Expedition > Vindicator > PulseMaster. But has he or anyone else actually tested the three guns side-by-side?
Hmm... if my reviews are suggesting that order, I think I may need to tweak the reviews, then! :p

I can't say too much about the Expedition as I haven't actually testing this latest version, basing general stats and such from the original Blazer. Of course, the newer "Blue" Blazer had more refined nozzles and a better selection, but it the Blazer somehow never fully piqued my fancy despite having some decent output and range stats.

As for the Vindicator vs Pulse Master, it's a tougher call. I'd take either before opting for the Expedition, but between the two, it'd be a coin-toss for me. I got to use my Pulse Master the other day during a soakfest and was able to use its large stream beautifully and surgically accurately, able to pick off targets easily between non-combatants without getting others wet (though definitely scaring them! *hah* :p ) The problem with the Pulse Master, though, is that its PC is just rather small. Of course, that means a lot more full shots per full fill, but each shot only delivers so much. The Vindicator is much closer in behavior to the true CPS-class blaster. I like its looks and minimalistic design. My main complaint with the Vindicator is that it ended up being a little too long for its design, making it a little trickier to hold comfortably. For me, I found the most comfortable way of using it was hanging the blaster in front of me as opposed to on my right side and using the blaster across my body. While it works well, it is different than normal and some may not like that positioning.

In the end, I'd say (Pulse Master = Vindicator) > Expedition.

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Re: PulseMaster vs Vindicator vs Expedition

Post by mkhadem » Mon Aug 31, 2009 10:07 pm

Unlike Isoaker it's the vindicator which I haven't tested let alone own, just can't seem to find it in British shops. As for the Pulse Master, I am very impressed with its range pushing up to 42 - 3ft! It seems sturdy enough and I haven't had any problems with leaks, I find the pump slightly stiff but I think this is natural rather than a faulty model. As for the Expedition I haven't yet tested its range but it looks like it can make the 40 mark pehaps not as far as the Pulse Master. I am amazed by the shot times, especially for the smallest stream which is about 40 seconds and in that time the range is only reduced by mabye 2 or 3 ft. I have had small leakage problems but nothing not expected. I like the fact the pump is tracked ( or semi - tracked?) and the varied choice of nozzles, I especially like the fan feature as a lot of my fights call for close combat, although i've never owned another water gun which has a fan blast feature so I couldn't compare it to anything else. I find the reservoir although holds a respectable amount of water is often depleted very quickly and I mean quickly. This is one of those blasters where I would really have loved to have a transparent reservoir. The straps on both water guns are as always a plus. So as to which is better, I would be leaning towards the Expedition perhaps( only very slighly though) as it suits my needs better than the Pulse Master which just doesn't seems to have the shot times I'm looking for. But don't get me wrong it's close between the Expedition and the Pulse Master as i have already metioned, the Pulse Master is a great gun with a steady stream that does not break up and reaches brilliant range for a modern day water gun, but now i'm just repeating myself. I recommend both guns especially if you can get them at a discount price as I did, Pulse Master: $13.50 from K - mart, Expedition: $8.50 from Meijer.