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Post by Yakkers » Sun Apr 29, 2007 9:52 pm

A few days ago I had a water fight with some friends and I really enjoyed it. I did a little research on Super Soakers and found this website. Now I've got a few questions:

-When people have a fight, are there any rules about winning or losing, or is it just shooting at each other? Are you out when you're wet enough, or do people use those "Soakertag" stickers?

-What are people's refilling rules?

-I'm in desperate need of a new weapon. I have a broken Liquidator from 2004 and a very leaky aquapack devastator from 2005. This one is usable, but it leaks a lot at a crak near the filling nozzle and at the gun's pump. I've looked at some of the new ones this season, but none of them seem to be in an ergonomic shape, the handle is always in a painful seeming location and they seem quite bulky. I also dislike how hard it is to pull the triggers of most of them. What do you suggest?

I'm pretty sure that most of these questions have been answered, but I can't find a "search" bar and I haven't found anything about them after manually searching. Thanks in advance!

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Post by Silence » Sun Apr 29, 2007 10:21 pm

Welcome aboard!

It's basically your choice as to how you want to play. Nobody we know of, both on the forums and off, uses SoakerTags, mainly because you have to cough up some dough to do so. People who want the same method have taped paper to their shirts though.

There are a bunch of different refilling rules you can use, although part of it depends on location (do you refill from streams or hoses? How common are refilling locations), game size (are there teammates who could cover your back?), and game length (how often will you need to refill)? It's your choice really. I play on a small "field" (suburban, a few houses), yet I still find it easy enough to duck into cover and refill if necessary without fear of being surprised.

The search button is in the upper right corner. I think only members may use it though. Thanks for trying! Also, check out for more information on stock soakers. The forums and the official reviews are good.

I have one of Buzz Bee Toys/Water Warriors 2007 water guns, the Orca. I'm quite pleased with it. It's large, but it's quite ergonomical and it has perfect balance, so it feels light even though you might have a lot of water inside. The trigger is fairly easy to pull, although a couple people have discovered that the trigger spring is weakened and requires repair. The range is absolutely fantastic on the smaller streams. And finally, the price is good enough for me ($20).

The Orca's smaller brother, the Tiger Shark, also has good range and seems fine, except the grip is really small. I can't hold it. It's cheaper though, at $15, and probably a better size for most.

In recent years, Buzz Bee has been trouncing Super Soaker. I don't even touch Super Soakers anymore, although the Flash Flood is okay if you like its style and if you modify the nozzle.