Super Soaker Myths

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One of friends recently told me of a myth about a kid with a lot of super went something like this.
One day a kid was alone with his single dad. His dad was a neat freak,But ironically was addicted to tobacco. The dad went down to the basement to clean his son's super soakers(a lot of super soakers)when he noticed that something didn't smell right about them. So he opens the cap on one of them and big surprise, the reservoir smelled like rotten eggs. He did this to every soaker and in horror, realized they all stunk. He quickly grabbed some areosol air fresheners and sprayed the interiors of each gun, then quickly re-applied the cap. After spraying the last one he takes his lighter to have a smoke but it falls into the areosoled gun. It quickly ignites, blowing up every soaker in the basement and actually causing the foundations of the house to be broken causing the house to jump a few inches off the ground. :Hey, that's funny.: I don't believe this could really ever happen. Even if Areosol is explosive.
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