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Post by bomber » Tue May 20, 2003 11:42 pm

alright guys, I have a kinda modified game coming up and I need some help. it is capture the flag and keep it the rules are
1. you must steal the flag and KEEP it on your base until or when the game is finished.
2 It doesn’t matter when you steal the flag, even if you get it back to your base a t 3:59 you still win the game.
3 Flag must be in a visible area
4 The only time you win is if you have the flag at the end of the game, not how long you have had it5
5 If you have a flag and you get shot you must return the flag to the other team, then they if they wish can put it in a new location.
6 You can trade flags in the game if both teams have the other teams flag
Ex. Red team has blue teams flag and blue team has red teams flag, they can trade each others flag for there own.

O yea we have one less person its 6 against 7
and I am on the red team
Red teams guns
4 Splashzookas
2. storms, sc 400’s, triple chargers
1 m-d 6000, cps 2100, secret strike,

blue teams guns
1 splashzooka, xxp 175 cps 2700, xp-240, off brand gun, xp 70, cps 1000
2 secret strikes. Cps 2100s

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Post by bomber » Tue May 20, 2003 11:47 pm

sorry I wasnt done yet
we also have a playground that is in a dish, it goes down hill and then the playground sits in the middle of the dish with the lake to the south side and trees around it, I have base defense covered but I need to figure out how to attack them without the person stealing the flag getting shot, there base is a wide open yard with a house on the south side and it has a house facing a street with a hill on the other side of the street going down to the lake and the north side of the base has a gravel road with wide open space behind it except for a tree with a bush around it, you can hide there, ummmmmmmmmmmm

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Post by SSCBen » Wed May 21, 2003 10:20 am

Make a rule that the flag must be accessable by everyone.

I think you could get the flag by drving the gaurds out of the area of the flag. Hide some guy, and make him out of knowwhere and run into the gaurd, soak him, hopefully frving him out of the area. Now, someone could come in and get the flag easily.
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Post by Codemaster » Thu May 22, 2003 1:56 am

Originally posted by DoomSoaker@May 21 2003, 05:20 AM
I think you could get the [b]flab by drving the gaurds out of the area of the flag. [/b]

I think you could get the flab, by eating about 9k In Cheeseburgers and not excersising... :P

You might try pushing them slowly away from their flag with heavy Waterballooning. Or better yet, if you can play it at nightime, Make it a rule that the flag must be illuminated by a flashlight, hehe. Then put Some almost dead batteries in the flashlight.......

I know, I Know.... :shifty:

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