Computational fluid dynamics book

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Computational fluid dynamics book

Post by SSCBen » Sun Sep 12, 2010 1:41 am

A few people here might be interested in this...

I've found what appears to be a great free introduction to CFD for those who might want to get into the field.

This website has a PDF of a book/report that's about 200 pages long that details how to simulate fluid flows in a few different ways. The vorticity-streamfunction method for incompressible flows (like water) is potentially useful for this and is among the easier to implement methods (that's not saying that I have implemented a code that does this yet).

The authors work at Los Alamos National Laboratory and one of them is one of the most important figures in the field, so you can be certain that it's a high quality book. It also means that the book is in the public domain.

I spent a few hours to clean up the PDF there so I could make a printed copy. I've uploaded it to Lulu and you can buy a printed copy if you want to: ... s/12571344

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