Fire extinguisher tanks!!!

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Re: Fire extinguisher tanks!!!

Post by adronl » Tue Jan 05, 2010 3:55 pm

I think the difference is armature opinion against expert opinion. I am sorry but there are people here that have spent a lot more time and money researching things like this.

The only fire extinguisher tanks that would weigh more that pvc are very heavy CO2 type or the ones that you see that are all stainless steel. We are talking about extremely light weigh aluminum fire extinguisher tanks (with the chemical powder taken out).

Honestly this is for a more advanced gun like for an adult that can carry some weight and almost all of that weight is water. The gun empty would weigh about as much as a large empty supersoaker maybe more about 10 - 12lbs considering that the capacity is 5-6 gallons as opposed to 64oz - 1gallon.

I recommend you search some of my other postings maybe check out Ben's work I have made about 10 pvc backpack APH's with varying capacities as well as piston guns and cph's. I have also sold and shipped them all over the country and yeah thin aluminum weighs much less that thick dense plastic. If you chose not to believe that then prove the senior members and administrators wrong with documented data and pictures for proof.

Honestly I am too lazy to do this it is winter I have the stuff sitting in my closet if i need to I'll pull it out and weigh take some pictures etc. So yeah sorry if I have not been responding to too much, it is too cold to be playing with water guns. As soon as the warmer months roll around I will put up more guns for sale on e-bay and probably the sc3 and an aluminum APH CO2 powered i will probably keep one for myself though :D
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Re: Fire extinguisher tanks!!!

Post by SSCBen » Tue Jan 05, 2010 5:52 pm

Nice to see you around again adronl.

I've actually been looking at aluminum cylinders for water guns, but unfortunately my free time doesn't leave much room for more than that.

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Re: Fire extinguisher tanks!!!

Post by cantab » Tue Jan 05, 2010 9:13 pm

Aluminium might have marketing advantages. I think it can be finished nicely, for example anodised. The perception is also that metal is a stronger and more 'serious' material than PVC. And a metal pressure tank may allow a much bigger margin of safety; you don't really need more than 100psi for most water blasters, but a tank that can take several times that is a tank that is highly unlikely to fail under normal use.
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