Threads about how water guns work and other miscellaneous water gun technology threads.
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Post by SSCBen » Tue Jul 20, 2004 3:43 pm

This article isn't officially released on SSCentral yet, I need to do some changes to the site to make the list stuff look like it's supposed to (with CSS) and I haven't made pictures for the article yet. I thought it would be nice to put something up as a teaser for what's to come, lots of new tech articles, mods and even a few homemades.


I have several more articles planned for the Tech Articles section, of course including one of additives. Keep a watch out in the next month for the updates. ;) / Please read this before emailing or PMing me

Do not ask me water gun questions by email or PM. Please post the question at the forum. Private questions and suggestions are welcome by PM and email. Also, I do not sell or buy water guns online.

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Post by Storm » Tue Jul 20, 2004 4:16 pm

Awesome, I can't wait for all the new articles to be up :D