Super charging an APH

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Super charging an APH

Post by Treekanicko » Mon Jan 19, 2009 8:19 pm

Hi, this is my first post.

I've always thought about using a high-pressure pvc tank to "super charge" an APH. The supercharging process would be using a 3/4" pvc tank about 6 inches long and would be pumped to about 120-140 psi with air (don't really know if this is possible). You would then attach it to the top of a moddifed APH's pressure chamber after it has been pumped full of water. The air in the 3/4" pvc tank would be released into the pressure chamber and increase the APH's pressure by maybe 10-20 psi beyond what you could manually pump it up to (because the air would equalize) In the picture, the APH has a modded PC and the 3/4" tanks are on the side.

Basically I'm just wondering if this is possible

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Re: Super charging an APH

Post by cantab » Mon Jan 19, 2009 8:31 pm

It'll work, with one caveat - if you're using the same pump to pressurise the supercharger as you do to fill the normal pressure chambers then the attained pressure will be the same.

To obtain the kind of pressures you're after will need an air compressor I think.

I'm not sure it would give much of a performance boost. It would however reduce pressure drop.

You'd have the problem that if you shot all the water from the PC, you'd then lose the supercharger air. If you stopped with water left in the PC, you wouldn't be able to repump to the original water content or pressure.

Like many water gun ideas, it will WORK, but may not be worth it.
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Re: Super charging an APH

Post by Silence » Mon Jan 19, 2009 9:58 pm

Welcome aboard, Treekanicko! :)

It looks like you want to do the low-pressure pumping with a high-diameter pump, and vice versa for the later stages of pressurization. But I think you could just use a thin and a large water pump (instead of one water and one air pump) in parallel between the reservoir and the pressure chambers. Unless you have an electric air compressor.

Edit: Oh, I see you're trying to use interchangeable air tanks that you can charge beforehand. In that case, your design is close to perfect. But if all you wanted was just higher pressure, I'd just add a thinner pump to the APH.