Simlar to the 2inch nozzle cannon!!!!!

Build a homemade water gun or water balloon launcher and tell us about it.
CRAZY Homemade
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Simlar to the 2inch nozzle cannon!!!!!

Post by CRAZY Homemade » Wed May 10, 2006 2:01 am

OK, a whole lot more practical idea if one has a tripod...
Its pc is more than 8500 ml. Its id is 1 inch.
However, it needs a large 3 stage water pump attached to the check valve. The pump is a vertical for greater efficient and for less pump time. The air compressor quick connect is optional for a quicker pressurization.


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Post by joannaardway » Wed May 10, 2006 6:52 am

If you want a homemade with a 10 litre PC, then there are much more effective ways of doing it, and given that it appears you have no wish for a reservior, you could mount it as a backpack.

This would be perfectly managable weight wise, and there would be zero need for a tripod.

Ideally the back pack would be using CPS tech, but PCg tech would be perfectly sufficent, and in your case, probably the best option - given that you have a compressor.

When you say "3 stage pump", what exactly do you mean? The design which running around the forums a week or two back?
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Post by Silence » Sat May 13, 2006 7:15 pm

I think CRAZY Homemade is referring to the multi-stage pump system that I brought up and that you intend to use in a PCgH. However, he should know that an air compressor will not be significantly (if at all) faster than the pump. However, it could be effective if a Schrader valve is used as opposed to automatic types.

This is starting to sound a lot like an ITWL. However, a PCgR system would be more relevant than a CPR system, as the air compressor can only pump air--impossible in a CPH. Even APR systems don't have pressurization of the air.

For the three-stage pump, CRAZY Homemade refers to a detonator-style pump, which I have thought of before; basically, you push down on the pump, and you use your entire body's weight on a wide pump tube, then you can pressurize very quickly. Then, using the narrow stage with the entire body weight, high pressures can be obtained.