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Posted: Wed Aug 02, 2006 5:24 pm
by leprekan
"Hmm..." Leprekan said, scratching his head.

"...This was unexpected..."

...and then he retreated back under his rock.

Posted: Sun Aug 13, 2006 7:23 pm
by joannaardway
And I'm back!

Jo and David came up to the crash site. The land rover was being hauled from the wreckage fairly unharmed.

The rear tyre had been damaged and wound need replacement, but it would be fine, other than cosmetic damage.

"Those things are tough!" exclaimed Jo.

David turned to the Skyline.

"We don't need this now. I think Josh needs a replacement vehicle though..."

Posted: Thu Aug 17, 2006 8:34 pm
by Lightbulb41
Josh jerked awake. He had been slipping in and out of consiousness for days now. As he looked around he could move his hands around without pain. He checked his legs. They were in braces. He must have shredded the ligiments and tendons when he hit the ground. He began to think back about the accident he remembered getting hit. Remembered the smoke the going down... Then he couldn't remember anything else. Then somthing came to him. The image of Kayla in the body bag she was dead.

He lifted himself out of the bed slowly. He saw he was in a Tempest hospital. He jerked back and then realized that This section of tempest was on the same side. He relaxed. He started walking around checking his own med charts out. He saw what they had to do. Equivilent of a full body repair. He started down the hall. Doctors greeted him and asked him how he was. He was fine. All he needed was painkillers and a gun and he was ready to take anybody on who dared stop him. Suddently he stopped as he remembered he lost everything in the crash. Except...

He quickly got to a phone and called the airport. He had been working before he left a lightweight helicopter that had no shields on it back before he left for duty. He quickly told the flight computer to meet him at the exit of the hospital. The computer responded and took off.

30 minutes later The helicopter landed infront of josh. It had a little bit of weaponry on it. A basic homemade in the cargo and a primitave cannon on the front. It had a similar nuclear engine in the back so there would be no refueling. He sat in the cockpit and tested the weapons on the machine. It was the original cannon he had on the Tandem helicopter before he upgraded to a blitzkreig. That was to big now to be on the helicopter. All he had now was a simple slingshot with a loading mechinism. Never the less it was better than nothing.

He tookoff and set autopilot for the crash sight. He started rummaging around for things he left when he worked on it. He found his Calculator and his Laptop . He checked the Laptop. It worked just as he left it. His calculator needed new batteries though. As he approached the crash sight he saw trucks pulling the landrover out of the wreckage. He saw a red Skyline on the ground surveying the damage. He came in for a landing slowly not to alert the people in case they were the enemy. He hoped they were friendly...

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Posted: Fri Aug 18, 2006 5:55 pm
by joannaardway
I'm still here, and I think Duxburian and silentguy are still up for the odd contribution.

A helicopter was cutting in from the skies. It wasn't obviously marked as either an ally or enemy, so things could be tricky. And it was clearly armed.

Jo drew out Cerberus and what remained of the Pycrete rounds. She signalled at the Tempest sergeant, who issued a loud order to land over his megaphone:

"You there! Land, or we will be forced to shoot you down with rapid fire penetrator rounds"

Josh drew huge information from that statement. If they had rapid fire penetrator rounds, then that meant that Jo was there with Cerberus. He came down to land.

The helicopter was instantly surrounded by Tempest troops. However, a voice cut out of the mass of people:

"All troops, Stand Down!"

Jo cut out of the wall of men, with her CPS 27K. She came up to the door, and Josh opened it, looking rather "out of commision".

"Holy... What did you do to yourself! You should be in that hosptial still. In fact, I'm surprised you're not dead."

The Tempest Sergeant came up and groaned. He himself had sent Josh off, so he knew the worst of it.

David came up:

"I admire your dedication to the cause, but you are in little state to be on the front line.

We're trying to achieve aerial lockdown, because the incoming Tempest fleet will have more anti-aircraft missiles, so you need to keep this bird grounded except for emergencies."

Jo continued:

"However, you and us need to reach HQ. We have a briefing to attend"

Posted: Sat Aug 19, 2006 3:11 am
by Lightbulb41
Josh grinned when he saw the general groan. It means that he supprised them for getting out of the hospital. His face dropped when he heard about the anti aircraft missiles. He Agreed to fly low with Jo for the debriefing. Before he left, He watched the cleanup crew pull away the wreckage. He fell down and cried wishing he hadn't crashed killing Kayla. The tempest Squadron leader helped him up and into the Land Rover on its way back to HQ. Behind the Landrover a Truck picked up his helicopter and helped transport it back to HQ.

Posted: Sat Aug 19, 2006 12:06 pm
by joannaardway
The Land rover was already moving at a fair pace, but David decided that they were running short on time, so he sped up.

Jo was following in the Skyline, and she picked up on this change of pace, the 600hp tuned engine happily obliging.

David hadn't had much chance to talk to Josh, and he used the time as best he could, trying to keep away from the sensitive subject of Kayla.

The Tempest convoy followed rather slower, not having the driving ability.

Jo, on her own, was formulating plans for the defense. And she just might have a good one...

Posted: Sat Aug 19, 2006 5:21 pm
by Lightbulb41
Josh Got into the rover. He was depressed that he was the only one left of his team. Jo's brother David started to talk with Josh about things as they were bouncing along the rough road back to Hq.

As they entered the base Josh noticed that they had repaired the wall where he first crash landed so many weeks ago. He saw his old repair shop still in shambles after the shielding went the first time. Maybe if he had not messed with the shielding maybe it would have held better. He fell silent as the convoy rolled into the base.

Josh calmly got out of the Landrover. He paused at the mirror to take a look at himself. His face had straight cuts all along his face going in a diagonal way where his face slammed into the pannel. His hair was in a complete mess. He continued on with Jo and David to the Command Center.
As they entered in. They were escorted by the generals from other divisions to the briefing room.

Posted: Sun Aug 20, 2006 12:26 pm
by joannaardway
The briefing held very little in the way of good news.

Other than the NI (North Island - I assume we need some destinction now.) Tempest/Militia alliance, the only piece of postive news was that the Tempest network was down due to an unknown virus, so communications were working again.

Posts were rapidly assigned to people. Team 7 was to be joined, at least on a temporary basis, by Josh. Their first task was to track down any stations or systems operating on behalf of General Alex.

After that, assassination targets would be issued, due to the numerous array of long-range weapons held by the Team.

Somehow managing to coax metallic noises from a PVC launcher, Jo and the Team moved out.

Posted: Mon Aug 21, 2006 2:00 am
by Lightbulb41
Josh walked out of the briefing. He now had to find a different ride... He walked over to his old Mech spot and located his old truck. A good old American made Ford F-350 standard with a 8.1 litre engine 450 hp. Milage wasn't the best but Josh didn't care. As Jo and her team were preping to move out Josh mounted an auto targeting launcher in the bed of the truck. It would take out most threats at a long range but couldn't get much close range fighting.

Posted: Mon Aug 21, 2006 4:42 pm
by joannaardway
Jo wandered over to Josh as he was working.

"We're almost ready to go. I need to tell you this first: We're currently working on radio channel 2,8 - with scramble code 5.

We've got a fairly critical mission, so we need to keep our transmissions locked down tight. Broadcast only when it's essential, and keep transmission power to a minimum."

We've got to head off in a minute to a warehouse complex near 4. We think it's hiding Alex's military vehicle pool, and we need to shut down any systems on site.

You ready to go?"

Josh nodded, and Jo set off back to the Land Rover.

Posted: Thu Aug 24, 2006 4:07 am
by DX
The Central Command Post was rather chaotic when Duxburian returned. Orders being given, teams moving out, heck knows what. DX [Duxburian's new cover name, partially to throw off enemies and partially so people wouldn't call him the abbreviation for a certain town in eastern Massachusetts] had not been present on the island for a full week. He had taken that week to slip off to the surprisingly ignored mainland, where Militia forces had secretly held control for quite some time. [Militia activity was so secretive here that a map had not even been released yet, except the one DX planned to make available in 2 days... wink wink]

DX had, during those 7 days, set up a large base in an extremely well fortified and defended town on a high bluff overlooking the river which divided the mainland in half. From this strategic point, one could see all the way to the coast, and even make out the dim line that was the West Island on the horizon. The coastal defences were superb, although undermanned due to manpower restraints. This mainland was designated as the fall-back point if the Militia could not hold the Tempest invasion on North Island scheduled for who-knows-when, and part of a pincer attack if the Militia held there. Most civilians had fled further inland, so they had several towns all to themselves.

DX had actually been working on Militia defenses on the mainland ever since the first war in the island areas. The mainland was considered too large to be defensible, and therefore no one had given it too much thought. Except DX, who had stockpiled supplies and weapons during down time in past wars. Now they might be of use.

Overall, 2400 Militia/Tempest Squadron troops held the mainland. 15000 Tempests held the islands, except for the North. It was extremely risky sending troops, but so far they had arrived undetected.


At Central Command, a large map table had been set up to show locations of the 6000 troops defending North Island. DX first moved his own little marker from "Undisclosed Location" to "Central CP" and then checked out the orders. Jo's squad was moving to disable enemy technology at 4, Josh was going with Jo, defenses were being built around the coastal towns, everything looked good. The amount of enemy transports observed gearing up for departure from the West Island did not look so good.

DX now gave a short briefing on the emergency evacuation plan:

"In the event that this island can no longer be held, there is a safe haven for our forces. This here town on the mainland is ours. So is this, this, this, and this. The big town on the river, Essex, is our mainland CP, probably the safest place anywhere. So far, the enemy has not picked up on our activities on the mainland and I'm sure the same goes for many in this very room."

Sure enough, quite a few officers stared more closely at the map.

"A general retreat may be called for at any time by announcing "Code Red" on the main orders frequency. Any officer or commander may call for a retreat, although it better be in an urgent situation, for many will not make it the 260 or so miles from this spot to the mainland shore. The best route for both planes and ships would be to hook way over to the northwest, arcing well away from Tempest forces on and near the West Island. I am expecting an invasion force of about 12,000 Tempests, double what we have on purpose. General Alex will ht us with more than we've been expecting, and he will still have 3,000 to garrison the West's coastal defenses. We don't know the troop strength in the interior, and personally I would rather not. There's enough bad news as it is.

Any questions?"

Posted: Thu Aug 24, 2006 1:40 pm
by joannaardway
Jo pulled up outside the warehouses. Sure enough, the equipment they had was picking up electro magnetic fields, so something electrical was working in there. The infrared imager that David had borrowed from the amoury proved to be useful. When correctly setup, they could see heat sources through the aging sheet metal. There were clearly operational computers on the top floor, and more worryingly, there were faint moving signatures in the distance. Possibly Alex's troops, maybe a stray cat.

Breaking out the best of their armoury, Jo and Josh entered. David was staying to man the equipment, and as a reserve.

David followed the heat signatures that were Jo and Josh as they went up the stairs.

"You need to go north west. The nearest computer is there."

"Got you. Can you help with a route?"

"Not really. I can see heat sigs, but not corridors or walls. However... I could see any lights that were on, so I could guess from that.

Judging by the heat from power cables, I'd say that the breaker for the lights was in the same room as the computer."

Jo eventually got to the room, and sure enough the breakers were in the room. She threw the breaker for the lights, and dropped all the other breakers. Hopefully that would send most of the computers down. However, they needed a more long term solution to the problem.
David watched the heat of the lights fade in. The computers were cooling off, so they needed to find them before they disappeared from the IR view.

"Nice one. There are several computers on that floor, so you need to disable each one properly."

Jo pried open the computer, taking out the hard drive. Putting the harddrive in a bag, she brought out a stun gun.

"This should do the trick."

She dumped a high voltage charge across the motherboard, frying the CPU, and disabling the system. Jo passed Josh a screwdriver and stungun.

"Now - we have to do that for a load more. Keep the hard drives. We have to find out what these were doing"

Posted: Mon Aug 28, 2006 12:45 am
by DX
DX was touring the North Island's coastal defenses again, at 3 in the morning. Knowing the invasion could occur at any time, he had not slept in 2 days. And not only because enemies were massing for a huge attack. Belisaurius had vanished without a trace, enemy air raids were frequent at night, and Militia funds were running low. The combination of work and problems had throughly exhausted DX.

He stood atop a sea cliff, watching the walls slowly rise. However, a deep buzzing noise was starting to drone out the hammers and saws. Faint and dull at first, it became progressively louder until DX realized what it was. No air raid sounded that loud. It must be the first for a landing...bombers...and maybe...paratroopers?

All the tiredness was sucked out of DX when that thought came into his head. "Paratroopers? Oh great! Thanks, Alex!" With no time to lose, DX ran/stumbled back toward Central Command.

Posted: Tue Aug 29, 2006 4:46 pm
by joannaardway
72 hours/3 days without sleep is the threshold for irreversable brain damage, and you would probably be hallucinating pretty well right now.

Jo frazzled another motherboard.

There was a sudden noise behind her, and she span as she came out her kneel, bringing her SS30 to bear on the noise. It came to rest pointing at Josh. She lowered the watergun, holstering it.

"Sorry. You surprised me.", she apologised.

"No problem."

David interupted:
"Nice to hear you getting to know each other again, but you have an issue. Those moving heat signatures are people. You might well want to get ready."

Jo's hand strayed to her 27k.

"There are three rapidly closing on your position. They'll be appearing from Josh's left in about 5 seconds"

Jo brought up the soaker with one hand.

4.6 seconds later, a troop came round the corner. He didn't look as if he was there for a reunion, and recieved a 27k riot blast to his chest, flinging him backwards.

Josh dealt with the next with a 10x shot from his CPS 3000.

The next came round the corner, to see an empty corridor. He advanced with caution. He looked up, and saw a loose ceiling vent.

He fell to the floor unconsious. The move was ridiculously fast, and even Jo had little idea what she had done, but it had worked.

"Err, slight issue here. They've spotted me in the Land Rover."

"Not good. You've got the PCgH down there, so use that."


Posted: Tue Aug 29, 2006 6:28 pm
by DX
Ok, so maybe not 8...I'll change it to something more 2.