Need Monster QFD connection specs?

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Re: Need Monster QFD connection specs?

Post by The--Captain » Sat Nov 27, 2010 8:40 am

It works very well as long as I hold it on there (I have yet to add a right-angle or tee on the back end).

I'll probably build another one with a sturdy base in the springtime that doesn't fit so tightly (I'm afraid I'm going to snap off the filler nozzle on my Monster sometimes). I'm thinking using a piece of a turkey baster (I accidently broke one the other day, and then noticed how nicely the tapering fits on the filler nozzle) instead of that reamed PVC for more satisfactory results. I realize now that it really doesn't matter how far the nozzle is inserted (that's what the adjustable-length piece of Bic pen is for), as long as it just gets a good seal.

I'll keep you posted once the weather starts getting warmer (in several months ;-)