O ring for Super Chargers

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O ring for Super Chargers

Post by VAJMH » Thu Mar 11, 2010 10:46 pm

I was really hating my CPS Splashzookas, and didnt even think about trying the supercharge function on my monsters, until I figured something out: If you buy an older SC soaker and arent experienced with it, you may be putting yourself through a lot of cold spray for nothing.

Turns out the O ring on the SC nozzle is kind of delicate, since all the soakers I've bought are missing them. With all the rubbing from the QFD and sun damage, I can imagine why. So, today I headed out to the hardware store to buy replacements. Thankfully the town hardware store had some really great staff, and I had one of the rings with me so they matched it up instantly.

If you dont have a ring handy, here's the measurements for the ring for SC O rings on the Monster X, XL, Monster and Splashzooka:

O-ring 3/4 X 9/16 X 3/32

If any of your soakers are missing a black rubber ring at the super charger nozzle, this is the part you need, and it only costs like 20 cents.
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Re: O ring for Super Chargers

Post by C-A_99 » Thu Mar 11, 2010 11:11 pm

I got some replacement O-rings before (though I forgot the sizes; they ought to be posted somewhere) for a friend's set of three splashzookas whose rings all fell off. The O-rings are identical as far as I can tell. My friend didn't have any QFD's but the charger happens to fit into the hose itself (the hose's threaded end without any attachments) and seals well enough to charge, though you may not want to stand in front of it while it powers up.

The VHS is another QFD solution to look into and helps in general with any DIY hose attachment solution. However, the part I choose (3/4 male plug strictly from Home Depot) may be outdated, that is, the part might have changed in the meantime. (unlikely but it happens)