2 Monsters in need of repair...

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2 Monsters in need of repair... Lots of pixs and a update

Post by Soaker Leader » Fri Mar 16, 2007 7:53 am

I suppose this is more or less a Worklog that follows my path to fixing and making these awesome soakers spiffy again =].

Well my friend gave me both his super soakers the other day as a birthday present to me =]. They turned out to be both monster's and they were really dirty and scratched up from wear. But he hadn't used them in like a year or two so they were super dusty. So I filled them up when I got home, And I pumped them up and fired they both could fire fine but some times the trigger valve would get stuck open both with one worse then the other. Both would leak out of the quick fill nozzle and one would just leak in general. I wrote down the things I found wrong and figured I should get started.

But first, Meet the Monsters =3.


Small list of repairs needed:
Fix both leaky QFN's
Fix both trigger valves (may need to crack it open if worst comes to worst)
Find water leak in Monster 2
Clean grime of the guns
Anything else that comes up...

Ok so I cracked open Soaker 1 With my handy phillips screw driver. Thankfully none of the screws were rusted at all :rolleyes: . So I figured this gun wouldn't be any different from most of the cps soakers, and sure enough the front cap around the QFN was glued. So after some wrestling and sacrifice I managed to get it off with a vice grip. I pretty much tore it off the side of one gun nice and clean right around the QFN. I was then able to just pull it off the other side with a bit more work with the vice grip, and the internals of the gun were set free and able to be pulled out.


The first thing I noticed when I opened it was this.


If you can't tell its a crack or a chip in the plastic holder thing infront of the Cyliner Chamber. After testing under water it appeared that it didn't leak at all so I will leave it be for now incase I do a colossus I won't have to go through epoxy I put down on it.

I took of the big purple tank and I looked into the pipes behind the pump and to my suprise the little screen to block debris was loaded with bubble gum, or I think it was gum >.< . so I got it out carefully and I was like... >.> eww.


Using some HOT water (owie) and some rubbing with my fingers, the bubble gum just melted of fairly nicely. So I got it nice and spankin new and popped it back in there. I then went to the QFN and found I could screw it off. So the first thing I did was use some PVC tape to go around the threads that I screwed the front half off. I tried it out but soon discovered that it was actually leaking out the very front of the nozzle where the water goes it. So I unscrewed it and took the spring out from behind the small simple valve. I streched the spring to make it harder to push down therefore keeping the little O-ring and piece of orange plastic inside nice and hard against the front so water wouldn't come out. But that didn't work either. I tried putting some electrical tape ontop of the O-ring to try to get a good seal but no dice.

Ignore this part becasue its old. Look at the updates below

This is were I am stuck at right now and will get some Pictures of the QFN in a little bit. I am thinking I might have to epoxy it shut but I really don't want to do that yet. The reason why is because my friend had lost the QFD for the hose so I figured it would be fun to make my own. Also its the only real difference it seems like between a Monster and a CPS 4100 so its always nice to have an advantage =].

Thanks for any help!


Ok so here I am again, more progress and pix's. I figured it would be better if I didn't double post but this post will become a bit more cluttered now >.<.

Anyway lets just start out with some pictures of the monster's case in complete pieces for cleaning, and my bathroom workspace (hehehe)

So first of, my little workspace for testing the soaker, taking apart, fixing, cleaning, whatever really...


Since these things were so dirty, I took the whole thing apart, down to the last screw. I had it layed out and cleaned each piece with a sponge and water in the bathtub. I took each piece out of the bathtub after cleaning them in the water and dried each piece individually and laid them out to dry further more. This picture is before the cleaning, it just shows the parts you can take off.


Ok now down to the repairs. The QFN I ended up Hot Gluing shut for now because the soaker was unuseable because so much pressure would be released from it passivly. When I come up with a better solution I will pull the hot glue out and attempt the new idea. Right now I am looking for a stronger spring and a same size O-ring that I can use to hopefully fix the QFN. For now it only drips a few drops while under pressure. I wrapped it in pvc elctrical tape to make it look better and for shaping the glue when I put it in ^.^ .


I also fixed the Trigger Valve for now and hopefully forever. I used the rubber band method and it seems to be working good. I have had not problems with it yet.


The Soaker now is looking nice and clean. Its working good with no real problems just a few glitches with the trigger that I will need to fix up but I think this soaker is done for now =].


There were a few things I did do to increase the performance on this gun, or atleast make it a bit easyer and better to use. There was a screw whole behind the trigger that normally stops the trigger and won't let you pull it back to far. But I used a vice grip to bend it/tear it out. now I can move the trigger futher back which allows the trigger valve to open up further by just a little bit. Along with this I also added some hot glue to the mechanism that pulls the Trigger Valve Pole out so the wire that connects to the trigger sits on the hotglue and makes the tension a lot tighter between the two so the trigger can open the valve more and faster with less movement of the actuall trigger.

^^ May be a bit confusing but I might get pictures of it later.

I think thats it for now :cool: , still have another monster to work on though >.< .


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Post by C-A_99 » Fri Mar 16, 2007 8:19 pm

Nice birthday present. :) Glad you're getting it fixed and working well.

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Post by Silence » Fri Mar 16, 2007 8:56 pm

Wow, great documentation. Nice job fixing up the soakers, hope all goes well with them now!