My DotA hero suggestion

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My DotA hero suggestion

Post by MilkMan » Sat Jun 23, 2007 1:10 am

I don't know if any of you play the custom game DotA on WCIII TFT but there is a hero contest for it on the site forums and my hero is in 5th place out of 7 total.

This is the second round of the contest and my hero was specially chosen by the mods to skip the first round and go directly to the current one. My hero needs to come in at least 3rd in its topic and its only currently 6 votes away from obtaining that.

It'd be great if I could get some votes in. I know this is terrible advertising but I've been a member of SSC for over 3 years and this is just a small favor that I ask. Keep in mind that DotA is a HUGELY played game in the WCIII universe and accounts for a huge chunk of the community. Blizzard even had tournaments for it at Blizzcon.

Anyway, here is the link if you're interested. Oh, and my hero is Bion, The Guardian. ... 1916&st=40

By the way: Don't create multiple accounts to vote for it! Also, I understand that many if not all of you do not have accounts on the forums so I'm really not expecting you to register and vote if you don't really want to.
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