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Advertisements on SSC

Post by SSCBen » Tue Jul 24, 2007 1:09 pm

Due to a combinations of factors, I no longer can comfortably afford to run this website from my pocket alone. I will be attending college starting late August and that alone is enough of a financial strain for my family and myself. Ending this website due to a lack of money is not an option. Consequently, I feel I have little choice aside from accepting donations and putting advertisements on SSC.

Right now I have put Google Adsense ads on the individual thread pages only. I don't want the ads to be too prominent as to turn people off. Right now Google doesn't have the least idea of what our website is about because they're displaying ads about air conditioners. If you like what's being advertised, click on the ad.

If you don't want to do anything with these advertisements, you have a few options at this point. If you're this kind of person (as I am), you can block these ads. In the past I have found Google Adsense ads to be harder to block, but I've made it easier for everyone by putting the ad in a <div>. If you don't know how to block those, just switch skins for the moment.

Later these ads will be integrated into the SSC website. At the moment I will leave them on the forum only. This also allows me to see what people think of them and tweak them to everyone's liking before adding them to the website.

If you want to send a donation to help keep SSC running for a long time, feel free to send anything you can via PayPal to ben.trettel at

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