Free .com names(limited uses)...

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Free .com names(limited uses)...

Post by soakerfool » Mon Jun 19, 2006 1:11 pm

Wow I havn't been here in a while... Ok I was looking through some of Microsofts new beta offers (like Vista, Internet Explorer 7, and Media player, office 2007(all for free ;) ) and I found that they have a new product line called there "live" line, where you can find you search, get super high quality arial photos, mail services ect.(a copy of google ;) ). Anyway they have a new product called office live which is meant for small business owners, but I read some of the contract stuff and it's fine if your an individual(not designed for one though). The limitation is that you have to use their very basic editing software... While I haven't had time to do much with my site yet...there is alot of possibility. In addition you can register up to five e-mail accounts to your website(yourname@ The catch to all of this is that the website editor is very basic (easy to use though) and the only way to get more funtionality is to buy a upgrade(which is meant for business owners, secure server access, more users, ect.)... In fact with this service you can have a .net or .org for free too. Be quick about it though because after the beta time period you will have to pay for the basic service(although anyone registering during the beta period will get to keep it for free!)

Sign up soon and try some of the other betas! (IE7 has no bugs along with Windows Media player ;) )

Hope this isn't considered advertising or such, and please ignore any bad grammer or such, school just ended and I have learned to hate editing things ;)

For a picture of the website editor click here (my wesite name has been blocked out because it isn't ready for showtime yet :p ) (the OS and web browser are both betas :rolleyes: (free) ... editor.JPG
(the site was for a school project)

In conclusion check out def photos(best for city regions though)), (for the free site).

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