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Discussion of other water gun websites.
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Post by DX » Sat Dec 18, 2004 10:38 pm

The chat was long and randomly drifted from subject to subject. Any post with no name in front of it was by me. Your own name doesn't show up on your screen but the others can see it on their screens.
Official Chat Transcript:
[Since nobody else got the whole thing]

> Hey!
> Seems like people forgot about the chat today
[Sat Dec 18 16:10:43 EST 2004] NiborDude
<NiborDude> hey
<Forceuser> Hey
> hey
<NiborDude> Hey, that's funny.
<NiborDude> was anyone else here before?
<Forceuser> no
> not sure
[Sat Dec 18 16:11:58 EST 2004] NiborDude
<NiborDude> oops
<Forceuser> I came on at 5 to and no-one was
<NiborDude> maybe people forgot
<Forceuser> probably
<NiborDude> argh
<Forceuser> have you all seen the pics of the
2005 soakers
> yep
<NiborDude> I saw the chewbacca one
> "elite" soaker tag
<NiborDude> thats about it
<NiborDude> elite?
> another disappointment via Hasbro
<Forceuser> thats the new line
<NiborDude> o
<Forceuser> the best thing looks like the backpack
<NiborDude> I heven't seen any pics of the new
> the rest suck though
> just re-releases
> some new colors
> not much new power
<Forceuser> they are on the back of the box of the
wookiee blaster
<NiborDude> oh
<NiborDude> ok thanks
> Of all people, Cloud forgot
<Forceuser> typical!
> Hey, that's funny.
<Forceuser> hey, only 5 posts left
> wow
[Sat Dec 18 16:19:35 EST 2004] Monsoon
<Monsoon> hey guys
> hey Monsoon!
<NiborDude> hey!
<Forceuser> hey
<Monsoon> Hey, that's funny. happy to see me?
<Monsoon> so.......
<NiborDude> we were talking about the new
soaker tag line
<NiborDude> known as the elite
<Monsoon> I like the look of the backpack soaker
<Monsoon> Where is everyone?
<NiborDude> 20000!
<Forceuser> still here
<NiborDude> thats where everyone was
<NiborDude> forceuser was first to post it
<Forceuser> yeah
<NiborDude> I was second
<Forceuser> I was pre-prepared
<Monsoon> holy cow!
<Monsoon> 20k!
<NiborDude> argh
<NiborDude> so I got the 20001 post
<Forceuser> When we got down to it it didn't take
long, its only the 18th
<NiborDude> yup
<Monsoon> I made a post in the RP section......I
think I made the 19999th post
<NiborDude> so many people are on
<Monsoon> yeah
<Monsoon> we need to attract them to water talk
<Forceuser> yeah, the posting there just isnt
> er I think about 6 of us posted at the same time
<NiborDude> yea
> I made a post, went back tot he index and it said
20004 posts
<NiborDude> it was amazing
<NiborDude> 3 posts in one minute in the same
> so we all rushed for the big posts
<Forceuser> it was 19999 before I posted and
20003 after
> post*
> oddly it was 19998 before I posted and 20004
<NiborDude> someone should send a pm to
everyone whos on right now to come and talk
<Monsoon> oh well, we all made our
> is there concrete proff of who got the 20Kth post?
> proof*
[Sat Dec 18 16:27:46 EST 2004] Commander
<Commander Gaunt> hi
<Forceuser> hey
<Monsoon> I'm celebrating by listening to my new
<Commander Gaunt> does anyone know the area
code for england?
<Monsoon> oh, hey
<Forceuser> +44
<Commander Gaunt> thanks
<Forceuser> if you're talking phone numbers
<Commander Gaunt> yes
<Commander Gaunt> or could I use a mobile
<Monsoon> I'm currently modding my CPS 2100
<Forceuser> yeah, just use +44
<Forceuser> or 0044
<Forceuser> there the same thing
<Commander Gaunt> even for mobiles?
<Forceuser> yep, thats what I used
<Monsoon> I'm trying to freeze the check valve, it's
hard to cut through it with my serrated edge
pocket knife
<Commander Gaunt> use a hacksaw
<Commander Gaunt> I'm nozzle modding my 1200
<Monsoon> I don't have a hacksaw......that's why I
<Commander Gaunt> Hey, that's funny.
<Monsoon> I also need to buy some balloons to
K-mod it
<Forceuser> hey, commander gaunt has gon
<Forceuser> *gone
<Monsoon> ?
<Monsoon> why?
<Forceuser> dunno
<Monsoon> he's still on SSC
> oh well
<Monsoon> his comp froze
<NiborDude> argh
<Monsoon> he made a post just now
<NiborDude> weird
> oh
[Sat Dec 18 16:33:04 EST 2004] Commander
<Monsoon> there, see?
<NiborDude> hes back
<Monsoon> yup
<Commander Gaunt> sorry my comp froze
<Monsoon> hi gaunt
> and guess who still isn't here?
<Forceuser> well, are we going to talk about the
new soakers?
<Monsoon> who still isnt here?
<Monsoon> Soakologist?
> of all people
<Monsoon> I know, he's the one who organized
> He's not even at his own chat
<Forceuser> well, I guess we'll just have to start
without him
<Monsoon> wow
<Commander Gaunt> Thats kind of annoying
<Monsoon> I made marshmallow blasters out of
some small PVC I found
<Forceuser> do they get good range?
<Monsoon> all you do is stick a mini
marshmallow in the top, blow in and it shoots it
like 30 or more feet
<NiborDude> neet
<Monsoon> its pretty amazing, it only take about
15 minutes to make one
<NiborDude> me and dux may be getting a room
in his house for modding guns
> we used to mod in my barn
> but its too cold
<Monsoon> you have a barn?
<Monsoon> where do you live?
<NiborDude> nJ
> suburban NJ
<NiborDude> NJ*
<NiborDude> his house is old
<Monsoon> ah-hah
> ive got an old house
> Hey, that's funny.
<Monsoon> I mod in my basement =)
<NiborDude> the room has so many shelfs its
perfect for our arsendal
> we may be able to use a room in my basement
from now on
<NiborDude> arsenal*
<Commander Gaunt> I mod in the kitchen garage
or my bedroom
> it was just redone
> new carpet, lots of space
<Monsoon> I modded my Max-D 5000, it's pretty
impressive now
<NiborDude> what'd u do to it?
<Monsoon> Check valve freezing and I removed
the hand guard thing that limits hand space
> how much range does it get now?
<Monsoon> I'm not sure, but it's noticably longer
and the shot time is crazy
<NiborDude> wow awesome!
<Monsoon> I know
<NiborDude> X-D
<Monsoon> I named it the Max-P 5000
<NiborDude> we use 5000's to fill water balloons
<Monsoon> I think mine's too strong to fill balloons
<Monsoon> it stings your hand at close range
<NiborDude> dux's 21k herts like Hasbro HQ close range
> it used to
> before nozzle modding laminated the stream
<Monsoon> but that's a K-modded, check valve
frozen, nozzle-modded gun
> now all its good for is shooting more than 60ft
> Hey, that's funny.
<Monsoon> I also took off the font little plastic
contrast-colour nozzle piece at the front of the
Max-P 5000
<Monsoon> it was in the way of my closing it back
<NiborDude> why?
<NiborDude> oh
<Monsoon> it doesn't affect anything
<Monsoon> but I'm glad I found some Epoxy glue
<Monsoon> I'm going to "trick out" my XP-310, too
> very nice
> Im going to get my 21K to shoot over 70ft
<Monsoon> I shotgun modded it already, and
maybe an XPS mod and a backpack would
> but 1st I need epoxy BADLY
<Forceuser> dark elite did that to his 310
<Monsoon> the XPS mod?
<NiborDude> no the backpack mod
> xps would help
<Forceuser> yeah, and the backpack mod
<Commander Gaunt> I did xps on a 270
<Monsoon> XPS would make it more powerful
<Commander Gaunt> its really good
> only if you use enough balloons
> less than 5 doesn't do anything
<Forceuser> he used 8 I believe
<Monsoon> right now, my XP-310 shotgun
explodes with water (very limited range) but
soaks the living daylights out of anything in
<Monsoon> it drains the water supply in two shots!
> wow
<Monsoon> that's why a backpack would be logic
<Forceuser> I've got to go now, see you guys
later, and the last person to leave Don't forget to
do a transcript
<Monsoon> bye
<NiborDude> ok
<Commander Gaunt> I have also gtg
<Commander Gaunt> bye
> ok
<Monsoon> bye bye
<Monsoon> as we were talking about........the
XPS mod would hopefully give the 310 more
range and output
<Monsoon> it would be the best modded soaker
<Monsoon> I think, in some situations
> Hey, that's funny., my 21K will give your 310 a run for its
<Monsoon> in range though
<Monsoon> I'm not sure which would have better
<NiborDude> and output
<Monsoon> how so?
> I think it would be pretty close
<NiborDude> whats the times on the 310 nozzle?
<NiborDude> with shotgun mod
<Monsoon> I haven't calculated that
> estimated
<Monsoon> ummmm........
<Monsoon> about the same as the CPS 1200s
nozzle, but then again, it has terrible range and
rather explodes than comes out in a stream
<NiborDude> 2100 is 7.5 regular
<Monsoon> the XPS will boost output on my 310
> go for it, that mod isnt very hard, just annoying
<Monsoon> annoying?
> trying to get balloons to stay when you try to add
another one
<Monsoon> oh
> they like to come off
<Monsoon> I Don't think a check valve freeze is a
smart move after though.....the balloons will
most likely burts
<Monsoon> *burst
<Monsoon> what kind of balloons would you need
for the 310's PCs?
<Monsoon> regular water balloons?
> water balloons
> they have to small enought to fit
<NiborDude> I tried xpsing zachs but it didn't work
<Monsoon> the pics that doom have look like
water balloons
<Monsoon> I'll give it a shot after I mod my CPS
> tell us the results of both when they are done
<NiborDude> if possible, maybe u could do a
article for our site?
<Monsoon> maybe
<Monsoon> about what in particular?
<NiborDude> XPSing
<Monsoon> oh.......Doom already has an article
<NiborDude> no for SM
<Monsoon> SM?
<NiborDude> "soaker media"
> Soaker Media
<Monsoon> ohhhhhh
<Monsoon> okay
<Monsoon> deal
<NiborDude> thanks!
> yay!
<Monsoon> and what about my Max-D 5000?
<NiborDude> sure!
<Monsoon> errrrrr, I mean Max-P 5000
[Sat Dec 18 16:59:01 EST 2004] Spinner
<NiborDude> yeah
<Monsoon> Hey Spinner!
<NiborDude> spinner
> hey Spinner!
> Hey, that's funny.
<Spinner> Evening everyone
<Spinner> So
<NiborDude> anyway...
<Monsoon> I was just talking about my holiday
modding mania......if that's a good name
<Spinner> yeah, what have I missed
<NiborDude> talk about tech
<NiborDude> and the new ss line
<Spinner> Okay
<NiborDude> and [at] monsoon if u could write up
about the max-p 5000 that would be awesome
<Spinner> What has been said about the new SS
line, anything revolutionary?
<NiborDude> pics
<Monsoon> I'm going to write articles about my
Max-P 5000 and the XPS mod I'm going to
perform on my XP-310 shotgun
<NiborDude> awesome thanks
<Monsoon> yep
> anyway on the SS line the backpack soaker is
the only one that looks promising
<Monsoon> I'll write the one about my Max-P 5000
<Spinner> I dunno
<Spinner> If there are any with the size/power of
the SC 500, that will be good
<Monsoon> yeah
<NiborDude> yeah
<Monsoon> I want the backpack one though
<Monsoon> it has to be CPS
<NiborDude> how do u know?
> I most likely won't get any
<Monsoon> because the backpack soakers are
akways CPS tech
<NiborDude> I doubt I will get any soakers also
> back to the tech lab for me, back to the store to
get pvc!
<NiborDude> your going?
[Sat Dec 18 17:03:41 EST 2004] Spinner
<Spinner> I'm back
<Monsoon> okay
<Monsoon> so
<Spinner> closed down by accident
> it was a XPBackfire-esquepy verse of poetry
<NiborDude> o
<Monsoon> hahahahaha
<Spinner> What?
<NiborDude> something dux said while u were
<Spinner> Ok
<Monsoon> hey......a song by NOFX has a part of
"Black Dog" by Led Zepplin at the very end! The
song's called "Shut Up Already"
<Spinner> Who else has been on?
> Forceuser, Commander Gaunt
<Spinner> Okay
> still no sign of Cloud
> why did Monsoon leave?
<Spinner> Right
<Spinner> I can't stay on for that long
[Sat Dec 18 17:06:56 EST 2004] Monsoon
<Monsoon> whoops
<Spinner> Did the same as me?
<Monsoon> yeo
<Monsoon> *yep
<Spinner> heh
<Monsoon> it's contageous
<Spinner> spreading across the atlantic...
<Monsoon> it's an epidemic!
<Monsoon> okay, anyway, moving right along........
<Spinner> Closedewindowitis
> Hey, that's funny.
<Spinner> Yeah
<Monsoon> Spinner, you do know about my
XXP-310 project, right?
<Spinner> Um, no...
<Monsoon> XPS mod and a's
shotgun modded
<Spinner> Why is it termed "XXP"?
> typo porbably
> probably*
<Monsoon> I dunno, I have to rename it something
<Monsoon> extra-extra-power
<Spinner> XXP indicates double barrels
> thatll confuse people, there is an XXP line
<Spinner> think of the XXP 175, XXP 275
<Monsoon> well why Don't I just sit down a make a
second barrel?
<Spinner> Exactly
> why not, that would actually be awesome
<Spinner> I'd call it MXP or something
> wheres Nibordude
<Monsoon> what's the M for?
<Spinner> Monsoon
<Monsoon> Hey, that's funny.
<Spinner> or MP-310
<Spinner> Monsoon Power
> Hey, that's funny.
<Spinner> sounds good to me...Hey, that's funny.
<NiborDude> sorry
<Monsoon> I named my modded Max-D 5000 the
Max-P 5000....and the P is for power
<NiborDude> was looking at something on ssc
<Spinner> Ah...
<NiborDude> that topic about an exploading mine
or something
<Monsoon> I like Bluesmudge's carafe mine idea
<NiborDude> that should be in tech
> darn it! refreshing while posting wipes your post
clean and you have to re-type!
<NiborDude> yea
<Spinner> I wonder when will
show the new blasters
<NiborDude> sucks doesn't it
<Spinner> Jan. 1st?
<NiborDude> soon maybe
> yeah, and yeah
> Hey, that's funny.
<Monsoon> I still like the looks of that backpack
<NiborDude> I like how they look, the problem is
how well they perform
<Monsoon> it has to be CPS
<Monsoon> all SS backpack blasters are CPS!
<Spinner> So far...
<Monsoon> we'll just have to wait and see
<NiborDude> hasbro is being $200EbayCPS2000y so it may not
be spc
<NiborDude> cps*
<NiborDude> I like the wookie blaster
<Monsoon> or maybe Hasbro is actually smart
and will listen to us
> I Don't think it will have good range or power
> Hasbro isnt ready to bring those stats back just
<Monsoon> the range on the Wookie blaster is like
35 ft.
> thtas really bad
<Monsoon> I know
<Spinner> The wookie blaster so far looks the
least likely to be good to me
<NiborDude> I like the way it looks
<Spinner> It's a return to EES-stuff
<Monsoon> The vaporizer is goos to mod........the
reissue colours are horrible though
<NiborDude> wait the wookie soaker is piston?
<Monsoon> *good
<Spinner> with "Star Wars
> substance over style
<Spinner> no
<Spinner> It's air pressure or CPS
<Spinner> probably PR, as far as we can tell
> most likely air IMO
<Monsoon> the Wookie blaster is PR for sure
<NiborDude> I understand substance over style
but if hasbro made more saokers like that with
good range and stuff that would be awesome
> but then again I can't really tell\
<Spinner> Yeah
<Spinner> which is the problem
<Spinner> None of us can tell
<Spinner> Or will be able to
<Spinner> Until we actually test them out
<NiborDude> argh summer needs to come
<Monsoon> I say we just stick with modding and
> I plan to do that
> buying one of these is like taking a step
<NiborDude> I want to make a small homemade
<Monsoon> I'm trying to mod all my soakers
except for my XP-150 and my Splashzooka
> all my soakers are modded and I can't do very
much more to them
<NiborDude> I really want to have a small APH
kind of gun
<Monsoon> I'm going to try to make a strap for my
CPS 2100
<NiborDude> I did one
<Monsoon> using a guitar strap (nylon)
<NiborDude> drilled holes and got a regualr starp
> just take a regular strap and drill 2 holes in the
<NiborDude> ah
> oh
<NiborDude> nylon
<Monsoon> yeah, I have a nylon guitar strap that I
never use
<NiborDude> nice
<NiborDude> XD
<Monsoon> All I need is a boltbig enough to fit in
the holes on the strap
<Spinner> Off-topic...what bass do you have,
<Monsoon> Ummmmm it's a fake Fender
Presicion kicks butt
<Spinner> I see
<Spinner> :)
<Monsoon> it looks exactly like it with a few
<Spinner> I want a P-Bass
<Spinner> or a Jazz Bass
<Monsoon> I'm looking at Ernie ball-MusicMan
<Monsoon> they have cool looking pickguards
<Spinner> Ah...
<Spinner> I'm thinking of a Yamaha as an option
<Monsoon> and I've heard they sound amazing
<Spinner> They seem to get pretty fair reviews
<Monsoon> yeah
<Monsoon> The Yamahas look weird though
<Spinner> Yeah
<Monsoon> --back on topic--
<Spinner> agreed
<Spinner> okay
<Monsoon> yeah, it also cut off the hand guard on
my Max-P 5000 so I have unlimited handspace
<Monsoon> By the way, I haven't really been able
to actually have a larger-scale water war
<Monsoon> in the past summer
<Spinner> g2g
<Spinner> nor me
<Monsoon> okay, bye
<Spinner> g2g
> ok bye
<Spinner> bye
<Monsoon> Hey, guys, I got relative walking in the
door, and I'm going to eat dinner, so talk to ye
> this chat has not had more then 5 people at any
given moment
<Monsoon> *relatives
> ok
> ttyl
<Monsoon> ill make those articles for you
<Monsoon> bye
> thanks
<NiborDude> thanks
<NiborDude> so its just us now
> ditch now or leave it open and hope
<NiborDude> eh
<NiborDude> ditch ill save the transcript
> I'll make a transcript in a few minutes if nobody
else comes
> lets wait a min or 2
<NiborDude> ok
> ah, forget it, nobody else will show
> THE END -_-
<NiborDude> yea
<NiborDude> yup
<NiborDude> ill post the trans script on the forums
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Post by NiborDude » Sat Dec 18, 2004 10:46 pm

It's sad that not that many people got to chat. Cloud, do another one. Theres a large chance more people will come. B)

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Post by SSCBen » Sun Dec 19, 2004 3:05 am

Here's an idea: let's schedule one every night at a certain time and post transcripts here. As for the time, I don't run that chat room so I'll leave it to Soakologist. ;)

I'll try to make the next chat. For one reason or another I missed this one. / Please read this before emailing or PMing me

Do not ask me water gun questions by email or PM. Please post the question at the forum. Private questions and suggestions are welcome by PM and email. Also, I do not sell or buy water guns online.

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Post by Neuro » Sun Dec 19, 2004 4:03 am

Perhaps I could reserve a channel on DALnet for next time?

EDIT: OK, I registered a channel. Even if we don't use it, it will expire in 30 days anyway, so no harm done.
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You can pretty much ignore the times on that, I rarely ever have Xfire on when I play. I should, though.

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Post by SSCBen » Sun Dec 19, 2004 2:53 pm

What's the channel name and such? We'll give it use I suppose. I could always make an IRC page at SSCentral ( That for sure will bring in a few people. / Please read this before emailing or PMing me

Do not ask me water gun questions by email or PM. Please post the question at the forum. Private questions and suggestions are welcome by PM and email. Also, I do not sell or buy water guns online.

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Post by NiborDude » Sun Dec 19, 2004 9:44 pm

Excuse my dumbness but whats IRC?

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Post by Spinner » Sun Dec 19, 2004 9:56 pm

Internet Relay Chat. I've never used it, so I'm sure Doom or Neo can explain further.
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Post by NiborDude » Mon Dec 20, 2004 4:33 am

I think a chat room here would be very successful. Considering there are always so many people online. But that might also take away the attention from the forums. Which, I think, should be the main source of communication.

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