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Speed Loader 1500!

Posted: Mon Aug 08, 2011 3:39 am
by rfmaster93

This is a super rare speed loader 1500! All info and other stuff can be found at the ebay auction: ... 500wt_1202

And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask via email at


Re: Speed Loader 1500!

Posted: Mon Aug 08, 2011 5:30 pm
by DX
Warning to prospective bidders: You are not totally getting ripped off, but close to it:

- It does not come with the QFD (it is entirely dependent upon a QFD/VHS). You can make a VHS, which is not difficult or time-consuming, but the cost of making that is actually part of the cost of this gun and should be added on top of your cost calculation, unless you already have a VHS to use for it.

- It is not fully verified to even work.

- The reservoir looks faded, but that might just be the lighting. Either way, it's in pretty well-used condition...rare guns that draw big bucks must be in great, mint, or new condition.

- Opening price is above its value given the specs. No SL 1500 is worth $40 lacking its QFD and of uncertain working condition. Always assume a gun is broken unless explicitly specified otherwise, preferably with original images of a stream being fired.

- $200 BIN. Monster XL's and CPS 2000's are currently failing to sell at that price level.

- $25 domestic, economy class (slow) shipping for a gun the length of a CPS 1200. The seller will pocket a cool $10, maybe $15 off that. The most recent water gun of comparable size that I bought cost $12 to ship priority.

- The only thing this gun has going for it in terms of positive value is that it's rare. However, I personally wouldn't assess it as valuable because it's not in demand. CPS 2000 MK1's are worth so much because tons of people covet one. The last time I saw people going nuts for a Speed Loader 1500 was...never.

An SL 1500 only shoots about 32-33ft generic range on 6.5x. That's like a lemon CPS 2100. It has the exact same PC capacity as a CPS 2000, but you can't overload a Speed Loader, so you actually get a lower total tap shot yield even with higher shot time. 10 secs is not great for a QFD/VHS dependent gun, either. If you need to pulse or full shoot, you are back at the hose refilling just like that. Comparable, small CPS guns only have a third of that shot time, but they can go half an hour plus without a refill, can refill anywhere, and you can still shoot them while refilling. SL 1500 is too large for a traditional sidearm and too hose reliant for hardcore rounds. You're limited to yards and soakfests for the most part. Mostly just a collectors' item, and a collector will want to see an example of SL 1500 in better condition, with a QFD, that works.

See next post where many of these concerns are addressed by seller.

Recommendation: Bid at own risk/discretion

Re: Speed Loader 1500!

Posted: Mon Aug 08, 2011 5:59 pm
by rfmaster93
Thanks for the reply!

Well I hope you arent thinking im trying to rip people off! I had no idea about any of the info you just posted, so thanks for all the info. I set the starting price at 40 since i thought 40 is a fair starting price for an item not made anymore. Also i made the buy it now 200 since i had no idea how popular, or unpopular the gun would be so i made a pretty high buy it now incase it is popular then I can sell it quickly at a price that is very nice! The 25 dollar shipping I thought is fair since it is a pretty large water gun, I'm assuming atleast 10 or 15 for the shipping alone, another few dollars for the large box, and then another 5-7 dollars for bubble wrap and foam noodles ( since im claiming it is a rare piece, i thought it is only fair to treat it as one ).

As for the working order, although it is true I cannot verify that it workse since I have no QFD, I did put a hose up to the gun and heard that filling noise, and when pulling the trigger some water was shot out ( like I said on the ebay listing). Last time it was used, it was in working order (I am the original owner). but that was a few years ago, so only for fairness sake i put it as "As Is" status.

If you have any more info or questions or things that will help please feel free to let me know!


Re: Speed Loader 1500!

Posted: Mon Aug 08, 2011 6:18 pm
by DX
Thanks for replying, it shows us that you're not trying to rip anyone off. $25-30 would be a better starting price, if people like the gun and desire it, they will bid it up. If you want to offer a refund if the gun does not work, then there would be no shame in keeping the starting at $40. It's always risky to post a rare gun up and not get much for it. A refund offer will allow you to take in the working condition value without putting the buyer at risk. Obviously, they wouldn't be allowed to return it just because of price, only for lack of functionality.

$10-15 for shipping would be reasonable. If possible, it would be better to weigh/measure the packed box and use that info for shipping - put that into Ebay's calculator and it will automatically generate the cost for each individual user.

It is appreciated that you want to protect the gun well during shipping. However, padding materials can often be had for free. Stores toss out unreal quantities of that stuff. You don't have to dumpster-dive either, asking nicely is often enough. Local store owners who know you might just set aside that stuff for you in the back (beats taking up dumpster space to them).

The uncertainty over how well it works is a value-killer. Bidders hate uncertainty. If I were the seller, I'd make a VHS and offer it with the gun, but I understand that it's a lot of work if you aren't familiar with the such.

Re: Speed Loader 1500!

Posted: Tue Aug 09, 2011 1:18 am
by rfmaster93
Those are all true and good points! In all honesty, I was thinking of just making a qfd system since I really do like this gun. I remember how awesome it was not to have to pump up a million times like my friends. I was starting to plan how to make a qfd and then I realized that I don't really have alot of time and I can use some gas money too, so I figured i'd try to sell it. In all honesty, I might end up keeping it if nobody bids and just make the qfd for fun. (I'm a rising sophomore engineer, so it only seems right). The price is already up so I think i will leave it because i don't think id be willing to part with it for any less than the 40 bucks its on ebay for. I'd rather make a qfd, have more fun with it and then sell it than get nothing ( or less than I paid ) for it.

Thanks for your response! it's nice to know people are watching for scammers. That's more than I can say for the rest of the world!