Guts N Glory soakers for sale (CPS2000/2500/1700/etc)

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Guts N Glory soakers for sale (CPS2000/2500/1700/etc)

Post by GutsNGlory » Sat Oct 17, 2009 9:56 pm

Hey guys, its Dave from Guts N Glory. Some of you may remember me from the old days as 'XN' and the webmaster for the Guts N Glory Water Wars website. Well, I'm doing inventory and I've got some soakers to sell. I'm got some good ones. Yes, I've got a CPS-2000. Yes, it is awesome.

I was going to put a bunch of it on ebay, but I'd rather have it first go to someone that would appreciated it and probably care for it more than someone off ebay.

Okay, here are the goods:

CPS-2000 Mk2: In excellent condition. I've owned this for about 6-8 years. Used EXTREMELY little in that time, maybe 5 or 6 times. Treated with the respect it deserved. Holds pressure just fine.

CPS-2500 - In excellent condition as well. Also used extremely little. This one was modified for stealth play by being sprayed flat black - its a good paint job. Mechanically excellent.

Monster X - In near mint condition - never used. Awesome, awesome, awesome. My opinion is that while it lacked the '98s power, it surpassed them in durability. One of the most durable soakers ever made, and a personal favorite. May take some convincing to get out of my hands :)

Monster X (modified) - This was a personal blaster I used a lot in combat. Sprayed flat black, with a small painted grizzly bear on the tank, and blood-type writing on the side spelling 'Grizzly'. unfortunately no nozzle selector (I think I just didn't care for that crap in combat).

CPS-1700 - currently not operational. There is a problem with the nozzle actuation. No problems with bladder. Missing front nozzle cap, but still has complete nozzle selector, which is operational. If you're interested, I'll try and pull it apart and see whats going on. To those adventurous modders, this would be a nice project.

XXP-275 - This old war horse has seen MANY battles. Was found in a friends backyard partially buried. Trigger 'handle' was destroyed so a new one was fabricated out of steel and wont break. Works just fine. Cool for the old school.

XP-110 - Was a friends that he gave to me broken (had a crack in the water reservoir. Repaired with epoxy - ugly but 100% functional. Seen some wear but a solid battle blaster.

XP-70 - In very good to excellent condition. Works fine.

SS-40 - excellent small backup, probably one of the better ones. Painted flat black with some wear on the high areas. No issues.

Storm 750 pistol soaker - in my opinion, the best pistol soaker ever made. Durable, beautiful, awesome. Red in color. Works like it should.

Storm 500 pistol soaker - similar to 750, but much smaller capacity in a smaller package. Works just fine.

If anyone is interested, just email me at I didn't put prices because I'm a little out of touch with what the current market it and I want to be as fair as possible. Thanks for checking this out, and if anyone wants pictures of the nicer items, I'll try to snap a few.

-Dave, aka XN