Very cheap cps 1200

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Post by The dark ANNIHILATOR » Mon Nov 10, 2003 4:47 am ... gory=11745

Seems like quite a deal. I observed the guy who put a bid on this soaker. He bids often. He never goes over $3.50 on the small cps soakers. So this is a good oportunity for you guys to buy a cheap cps 1200.

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Post by SSCBen » Mon Nov 10, 2003 10:45 am

Yeah, I saw that. I would buy it myself, but I just spent all my money on Insomniac by Green Day. Good CD! / Please read this before emailing or PMing me

Do not ask me water gun questions by email or PM. Please post the question at the forum. Private questions and suggestions are welcome by PM and email. Also, I do not sell or buy water guns online.

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Post by Neuro » Mon Nov 10, 2003 7:56 pm

hehe. My parents have recently declared a "no more soakers until next spring" rule, so im stuck with my brand-spanking-new-with-cracked-nozzle-selector CPS 1500.
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You can pretty much ignore the times on that, I rarely ever have Xfire on when I play. I should, though.

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