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Trading forum rules

Post by SSCBen » Sat Sep 03, 2005 1:42 pm

I am going to consolidate all of the sticky threads here to a more manageable one. Some are just going to be unstuck and others will be moved into here.

General disclaimer
As soon as you read (in whole or in part) or reply to any post in this forum, create a new topic/poll, or Private Message, E-Mail, or Instant Message a seller or buyer, you automatically deem yourself and the seller responsible for ALL transactions and disputes. Super Soaker Central and its staff are in NO WAY responsible for anything that goes on here, unless there is a transaction involving one of us. To make things simple, if you get ripped, take it to the FTC.

"Please do not bid on that [blaster name] on eBay"
From time to time, most of us see a blaster on eBay that we rather want, whether it be a SS 300, CPS 3000, or something else.

It is understandable that in such a situation, ones who really want that blaster may post requesting others to "let them have it", or not to bid on that item.

However, on reflection, this can be seen to be slightly unfair on others who may also have searched long and hard for that gun. It could also lead to tensions in the forum if someone else saw the "no other bids please" notice, kept quiet, and then won the auction themselves.

Of course, if someone chooses not to compete of their own accord, without having been asked not to, that is all to the good, but is totally up to that person.

Therefore, we would ask all users to please refrain from making such requests.

Good writings on trading water guns to read
- Super Soaker price guide
- Gen. Taloneer's Guide to Shopping and Saving

Good threads to take notice of
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