Dual Max-d 6000's

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Post by hooligan » Tue Jul 27, 2004 10:41 pm

I got them today, and I must say I'm sorta impressed.

IT doesn't leak like my 2100. It shoots pretty far and has a decent stream. Not only that but the shot time, because its AP is ridicoulous. You could empty oyur tank in one long shot! I love em!
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Post by goon » Wed Jul 28, 2004 12:06 am

I remember my MD 6000, piece of XPBackfire-esque, leaked to no end. Then I got the CPS 4100, and it was all good
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King Soaker
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Post by King Soaker » Wed Jul 28, 2004 2:23 am

I didn't like the MAX Ds until they quit making them, and I saw what the 2004 line looked like. Now I think the 6000 is a very cool soaker.
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Post by DRACO » Wed Jul 28, 2004 2:49 am

me too,I never did like the max-d line but now after this years line I have a lot more respect for the 5000 and 6000
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Post by blaze » Wed Jul 28, 2004 4:47 am

Originally posted by goon@Jul 27 2004, 04:06 PM
I remember my MD 6000, piece of XPBackfire-esque, leaked to no end. Then I got the CPS 4100, and it was all good

Thank god theres a veteran soaker who agrees with me! inexperienced users just don't like the 4100 because its small. crazy inexperienced users... :Hey, that's funny.:

I have the XP 310, and I will say that it is excellent. I don't know about the MD6000 though. But my 310, which is check valve freezed, can now take on a low class CPS. It's that awesome.

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Post by BlueSmudge » Wed Jul 28, 2004 5:42 am

I've tried a MD-6000 and like my XP-310 waaaaaay more. I just had a 1v1 today. I took on a 2100 with it and won!

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Post by trekkie00 » Tue Aug 03, 2004 12:00 pm

I tried an 6000 out, but I wasn't that impressed. I like my 2100 (0 soon! ;) much more.
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Post by Commander_Gaunt » Tue Aug 03, 2004 1:01 pm

inexperienced users just don't like the 4100 because its small. Friggin' inexperienced users...

Hey I'm a inexperienced user but I love my friends 4100. It's a great soaker, it has one of the best size and weight to power ratios.
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Post by superstormer » Tue Aug 03, 2004 6:34 pm

I wouldn't consider the CPS 4100 small. Small is a pistol. Oh and the CPS 4100 is an awful soaker the trigger is fragile the tank is small in proportion to the size of the gun, it's not very powerful and its range is nothing great. Also 2 of the nozzle setting are useless.
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Post by blaze » Tue Aug 03, 2004 6:43 pm

Hey, that's funny. I don't want this to turn into a 4100 bash fest, I will just say that the 4100 is a great gun and yes, it is small.

I have an XP 310, it is an awesome gun. However I have heard that the MD6000 is..not so awesome. Breaks easily, small PCs. But on the bright side it uses MD tech.

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Post by Dark Elite » Thu Aug 05, 2004 12:32 pm

The Max-D 6000 has the same PCs as the 310... <_<
And MD trigger tech is NOT a bright side. It makes it a lot harder to mod the gun and my 6000's trigger mechanism broke after less than a week of use.
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Post by Adrian » Thu Aug 05, 2004 2:44 pm

I'd recommend taking the nozzles off the 6000. You'll have a much better chance of actually soaking someone, compared to leaving the nozzles on.


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Post by SSCBen » Thu Aug 05, 2004 3:12 pm

The problem with that is that it barely gets any range. At least on my 6000 it barely got any. :p h34r:

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