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death angel
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Post by death angel » Mon May 31, 2004 10:40 am

These days wars are no longer about who's the best shot but more about who buys the bigest and best guns. What aree your opnions on this?
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Post by Belisaurius » Mon May 31, 2004 10:25 pm

In my opinion, it's actually about range. The better your range, the better you tend to do in combat. Granted this isn't always true. I have an XP270, and it's fairly short ranged compared to what other people in the team use, but I can still use it to my advantage. Even without the buggest and best guns, you can still win a war. Using ambushes and dense thickets that shield you from most of a blast a person with smaller range can actually manage to defeat someone with a better range or a larger weapon or more force.... Bigger is not always better.
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