New Role Playing Thread (RP)

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Re: New Role Playing Thread (RP)

Post by TheTyphoon » Thu May 27, 2010 4:07 pm

Carrying on from above:

Jack sat with his head in his hands in the assembly room; the rest of the Troopers, also sat down on chairs in front of him, stayed silent, remembering their own experience of the skirmish.

Chris in particular thought things over. He remembered falling back with the other recruits, and then seeing Eric scramble ashore....he remembered going back to help but his CPS 1000 ran dry after taking out just a single enemy. He'd only had 1/4 tank. CJ sighed. If only he'd had more water. If only they hadn't been training. If only the rest of the recruits had stayed and fought with him....maybe they could have repelled the attack better.

"Troopers. I....I don't know who they are. I'm sorry I've told you so little about them. But we know so little." said Phorerunner, standing up from the chair, weary. "I've managed to capture one of their weapons," Jack held the jet-black, long rifle in the air, "and I need one of you to have a good luck at it. Rumour has it that this is new, new technology. And it needs looking at."
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Re: New Role Playing Thread (RP)

Post by Fredcompany » Thu May 27, 2010 4:37 pm

Sorry guys, but I can't write in this for a couple of weeks.
I've got exams after half term (lots of them) and I need to revise a lot.
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Re: New Role Playing Thread (RP)

Post by martianshark » Thu May 27, 2010 7:12 pm

Bubba says,"I could look at it. I know a lot about internals." He gets permission to look at it, and after a couple hours of studying it and researching, he figures out how it works. "See, this pump actually works kind of like a real gun's pump, loading an empty cartridge thing into this action while filling it with water from the reservoir in the back. Then when the trigger is pulled, this air canister right here gives a powerful burst of air, and at the same time, this valve opens, blah, blah blah, blah, blah." He also has Mike start reproducing it at his factory and having them sent to CWW.

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Re: New Role Playing Thread (RP)

Post by C-A_99 » Thu May 27, 2010 7:40 pm


"New technology? I thought those guys were using mass-manufactured 3rd generation CPS's from some foreign source, Brapa Inc. according to EBA.", Zapper said. "Take it to Larami house and let us have a good look at this thing."

Phorerunner replied, "Actually, I'd like to shoot it right now."

The small group walked outside to Reflex Field. Joe would've been the best one to have test fire the thing but since he was gone, Zapper took the weapon and fumbled around for a safety switch, then pointed it out towards the field. He squeezed the trigger...

The weapon blasted back with fairly heavy recoil as a 1.25" water balloon was blasted out of the muzzle, landing 150ft away. Zapper switched to auto mode, and fired a few shots out of it. It fired at 3 balloons per second with heavy recoil, saturating the grass where the balloons landed.

"What's so 'hi-tech' about this?", he remarked sarcastically. "It's just a modified paintball gun to shoot water balloons and you call this a hi tech 'rifle'? For one, this thing's smoothbore; nobody has found any practical use of rifling on water projectiles yet and there's not much you can get to from there. You guys, including you, Phorerunner, need to come to the workshop someday."

"We, Camp Water Warfare, have all the means to build something like this. It's just that we don't have the resources to mass-manufacture them. And who knows how many of these they have now. But no, we're still using CPS 2500 re-releases and relying on dodging. It's no use, you can't get in range of this stuff!"

All of a sudden, Eric remembered. He had seen some similar tests his father was doing in the basement with these sort of automatic small water balloon launchers but he never paid much attention. Those things hurt and they could never soak quite as fast as his trusty old CPS's could; the CPS's he got from his father. As a kid, Fred always envied his father's CPS's and water weaponry, but never really took the initiative to create homemades. He remembered the old days on the playground where other kids were bringing Super Soakers and attaching lights, scopes, and all sorts of odd things onto them to make them look "cool", then he'd bust out a CPS his father lended him and drench everyone else. BBT never really improved their Water Warriors line quite as far as he hoped, but soon enough, they would release something that caught his attention.

But recently, Eric's father had been very busy at work, not coming home often. At home, his computer's desktop was cluttered with water weapon plans that he often never closed. The hologram could project a huge area and virtual papers and 3D wireframe diagrams were always floating around off the edge of the desk. However, Eric never quite figured out what was going on; he'd have to leave the camp and find out for himself.

EBA's intel proved invaluable. The "secret weapon" they found turned out to be Brapa's ABA27, an experimental model that Brapa had collaborated with another engineering company to help build and design. The information on distribution was shady; no one quite knew where these prototypes were getting sent to, but more and more were being used to conduct raids on the camp.

In addition, the intel gathered did indeed give hints at a secret project going on, but it was not the ABA27. There wasn't enough information however, to have any idea what kind of project it was.

Weeks passed. The raids got more and more troublesome as random turrets were going out of commission, water blasteres were disappearing, etc. Security tightened and more special security forces were being recruited. The training became more and more vigorous; everyone had to be ready for the day the entire campgrounds turned into a battlefield. Eventually, Phorerunner and Zapper collaborated and came up with a new mission; to get a new, highly trained elite team to scout the dangerous areas. From the aerial pictures taken, the team was to locate ambush trail and have a look at the building it led to. However, they couldn't do it until the ABA27 replications were finished at Larami Estate.

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Re: New Role Playing Thread (RP)

Post by TheTyphoon » Thu May 27, 2010 8:14 pm

Next up:

Troopers lounged about around The House again, but it was not the same. No loud talking, no laughing, none of them firing their blasters into the air for fun. Their voices were quiet, and many constantly looked around every few minutes, watching the trees for an attack.

Chris had finally emerged from Recruit standard to fully trained, after weeks of Jack making him re-run the courses, often just to shave off milliseconds, and often at the cost of bruises and cuts. But he'd made it, finally. Eric had made it through the full two month course too; and Jack had even considered sending Eric out on a Scout Run through Buzz Bee Woods, just as a survival exercise. Luckily, Eric had convinced him out of that.

Late June became humid and dry, with some of the water hoses on the Camp failing to work. This stressed Jack more; all he needed was bad ammo supply. Whilst he and EBA looked evermore at what intel they had and continued researching on everything about Brapa, the formation of the Elite Team to investigate Ambush Trail. With the ABA27's finally finished thanks to the hard work at the Workshop. Eric and Chris made an optimistic application to join the Elite Team, one sunny afternoon, bringing Jack a cool beer first.

"Mmmm...thanks. Anything I can do for you both, anyway?" said Jack, sipping the alcohol.
"It's...more of what we can do for you."
"We volounteer for the Recon Ops Team being sent to Ambush Trail, sir."
Jack paused momentarily with the beer in hand.
"No. Absolutely not. You're both only just qualified. This op....there's a high chance of capture, defeat, and painful water balloon attack, if it's being held by the recent insurgents."
"But sir," said Chris, stepping closer to Jack's desk, "you're still missing a sprintin' ace," he proudly pointed at himself, "and a keen hawkeye," he finished, gesturing to Eric. Jack sighed. It was true. There wasn't any other volounteers - most of the troopers preferred to be at base where they could fight and defend from. And the Reconnaisance Group needed the Sprinter/Ranger positions filled, otherwise the six-man team would be at risk. Even if these volounteers were....naive, they could be invaluable to the team.
"Alright. I'll let you come," Jack said, whilst they smirked and high-fived, "but you two WILL be no further than four metres away from me at any time, AND you will use ALL your training and skills.....AND you will retreat if necessary. Am I clear, gentlemen?"
Through bewilderment at his demands, they agreed, and made it onto the now-eight man team.

A mere few seconds after this had been decided, a figure burst through the door of Jack's room, and Jack, Eric and Chris instinctively faced the door, blasters aimed. They lowered them; EBA stood there, panting, excited.
"What is it?!" growled Jack, calming himself from the stun.
"Jack, you'll never guess what I've found!" EBA shouted in excitement. Jack reclined in his chair, willing for any good technical news EBA could bring. "Fire away."

"I've found it - I've found EXACTLY where the shipments are being exported from to Brapa!"

To be continued....
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Re: New Role Playing Thread (RP)

Post by martianshark » Thu May 27, 2010 9:27 pm

Say, maybe Brapa is stealling Eric's dad's ideas.

A Fed-Ex truck pulls into the parking lot next to The House. It's a delivery of Bubba's paintball WBLs. he takes five boxes of them from the truck and gives them to the aurmory.

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Re: New Role Playing Thread (RP)

Post by DX » Fri May 28, 2010 5:49 am

Warning: Long Post

"Alright, let's run the session again!"

Drake stood in the middle of s shooting range a dizzying 420ft directly above a roaring sea. This forbidding, Gibraltar-like pillar of rock was home of the Warlords, strike team IV of the Maritime Militia. The entire 20 member team was standing 100ft from Drake, aiming modified Nerf crossbows and plusbows directly at his chest. Drake stood ready, holding a full CPS 12K.

"Open fire!"

One-by-one, they fired up and down the line until each member had used up their RSCB clip of 5 shots. Drake danced as shots whizzed by, occasionally raising his gun to block a shot, and occasionally muttering obscenities when a shot hit its mark.


Alan, the strike team's trainer, had been observing the results of each shot.

"14 hit, 19 blocked, 67 dodged."

The line next picked up Douchenator WBLS, one shot each.

Drake felt his adrenaline rise - this was the most exciting part of the session! It was also rather dangerous, for a direct hit at 100ft would leave him out of commission for the rest of the day.

20 boomers later, Alan shouted out the results.

"0 hit, 16 blocked, 4 dodged."

Drake was dripping with sweat at this point, but stood ready for the last part of the session.

The line picked up Destroyer homemades, the signature homemade of the Maritime Militia, a scaled down water cannon capable of shooting over 70ft, with support for nozzles as small as 1x and as large as 210x. They moved up to 50ft and let Drake have it. However, when compared to the speed of Nerf stefans, these streams seemed to move in slow motion. Not only could he dodge 2 streams at once now, but he could block one stream and dodge another at the same time.

"0 hit, 24 blocked, 76 dodged."

"Alright, that's a wrap."

Drake's eyes were strained from that session, but he was very pleased with the results. He had found the key to being virtually impossible to hit in water warfare, by conducting dodging practice with modded Nerf guns, which fired much smaller ammo at much greater speed. He had been doing this training for several months now and led the entire militia in % missed. "Stefan training" as he called it, was now highly recommended for all members of the militia.

Drake was discussing some of the shots with a few Warlords when John Hall, radio dispatcher for this strike team, appeared from the command post with a message.

It was from Phorerunner, founder of a "Camp Water Warfare". This was an invitation to act as a special security guard for the camp. An unknown entity of considerable skill and wielding superior weaponry was operating in the area and threatening the camp. While there was no pay, Drake would be allowed access to any of the camp's facilities necessary and could operate with a free hand. This opportunity sounded interesting - he had heard of the camp before, but never been to that part of the world. Any excuse for some real action was welcomed.

"Alan, please contact Phorerunner and tell him that the Nightstalker is headed to Camp Water Warfare. I won't require much, except maps of the area and information on this veiled threat, especially what kind of weapons they're packing."

Drake turned to Kyle, captain of the Warlords.

"What is the status of your next assignment?"

"Jeff Lee still needs backup on the White Islands. We will probably be there for quite a while, as he reports that the war is intense."

" all the teams are booked solid then. I'm going into this with no backup..."

"Don't worry, the Warmasters should be wrapping up their campaign on the mainland by now, they could be available by the 5th."

"I'm not too concerned, it's just nice to have a safety net."

"Yeah, I know. Well, good luck."

"Cya later, hopefully in one piece."

Drake packed his gear and prepared to leave. Avery, a member of the Warlords who had once trained at Camp Water Warfare, remembered the menacing rumors from his time there. Avery discretely slipped his own Destroyer homemade into Drake's gear when he wasn't looking.

He called it the DES 4X, a cutting-edge new model that he'd crafted himself in secret. It was superior to the standard DES 4, with 78ft range and over a minute of shot time with small nozzles.

He knew that Drake loved modded CPS, but that a 12K might not be good enough against the camp's unknown threat. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to find a backpack for it or nozzles larger than 10x. That was probably a good thing, given the long field life when using the onboard reservoir on smaller nozzles (and brief field life on big nozzles with the onboard and reduced mobility with the backpack).

Drake did not notice the stow-away weapon and proceeded to sail out of the sea cave that the Warlords used as a port.


A week later, Drake reached the XP River and the camp came into view. He tied up at the Red Docking Platform and hid anything that wasn't needed for fighting in a secret compartment on the boat. The rest of the daylight hours were spent familiarizing himself with the terrain, carefully keeping out of sight. He chose the Larami Estate for a place to sleep and waited for cover of darkness to move for it.

He walked on the sides of his feet, producing virtually no noise, with his mobile Douchenator in hand. At one point, Drake did not feel that he was alone. He could hear footsteps, too pronounced to be animals. Rather than be intimidated, he decided to be the intimidator. He aimed the launcher at the branches of a dead tree, fired, let out a cold, blood-stopping scream, and dove into a bush. The dead branches came down and rattled around, making a lot of noise. Drake then remained perfectly silent and heard those footsteps making a loud get-away.

The rest of his walk went without incident. He arrived at the Larami Estate and carefully scaled the side of the building to reach the roof. The flat center would serve as a safe lodging for the night. Drake took out his 12K and fell asleep with it on his lap. He'd reveal his presence the in the morning.
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Re: New Role Playing Thread (RP)

Post by C-A_99 » Fri May 28, 2010 4:46 pm

"Nighttime was dark and difficult at Camp Water Warfare but now thanks to the newly placed watchtowers (in response to recent odditities), lighting is not as much of a problem anymore. Nonetheless, the camp would like to remind everyone to please travel in groups of two or larger, and to have water resistant flashlights ready with full batteries and hand-cranked chargers for the dark. The watchtowers are commonly occupied and a strictly enforced curfew will be in place 30 minutes after it gets dark, which varies by time of the year. Be safe, campers, get a good night's rest, and be ready for the next morning's training and wars! And as always, please report any anomalies to Phorerunner, or submit them to the security center at The House."

"Good luck, Warriors!"

Code: Select all

Camp Overview:


The House:



Water Bucket Trail:


Riot Blast CQB Course:


Zen Warrior's Training Course:


Larami Estate + Blue Docking Platform:


Reservoir Barracks and Water Bottle Trail:


Watchtower on Water Bottle Trail, and Orca Shelter:


Lakeside Barracks:


Water Bomb Trail watchtowers:


Laminator Field:


Douchenator Bridge + Red Docking Platform:


And back to The House, where the first preview of the map was:


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Re: New Role Playing Thread (RP)

Post by martianshark » Sat May 29, 2010 2:49 am

Bubba falls asleep. But then, he wakes up at about 1:30 am to find two guys pointing CPS 2000 Mk1s at him! They tell him to get up, and they start forcing him to walk accross the camp toward the ambush trail where the unknown area is. It's freezing cold tonight, and Bubba will do just about anything to not get wet right now.

C-A_99 or Lewis should decide what happens to him.

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Re: New Role Playing Thread (RP)

Post by TheTyphoon » Sat May 29, 2010 11:37 am

Following morning of Bubba's capture:

"What are we going to do about Joe and Bubba, SIR?!?" said one of the veterans, clearly losing faith in Jack's leadership.
"I said...I'm thinking about it. Fall in line, and shut up!" growled Jack in frustration. The veteran pursed his lips from retorting, and walked out of Jack's room. Several other Troopers stoof in there too, with questions, wanting answers.
"Where IS Bubba?"
"Who took him?"
"What are they going to do with Joe and Bubba?!"

Jack could do nothing but try block them out and concentrate on a plan. The date of the Reconnaisance Op was coming up, and although the team was now fully picked, he didn't feel comfortable about this, even if every member of it had a ABA27 as one of their weapons. They knew that the Brapa shipments of these weapons were coming from somewhere in Thailand, but apart from that, there was no intel; EBA's attempt at tracking them to a pinpoint had turned out to be unsuccessful. They had a country, not a place....and sending a team there would only weaken the defences at CWW. Even worse if all of the 8-man Recon Op were captured....including himself....


Chris sighed. Nothing was going as he thought it would at the Camp. They were losing. Chris hated losing. They were low on men, and there was no-one to help them. Even with arrival of that mercenary, that "DX", whatever they called him....Chris didn't feel as though they'd see the month out. Until an idea snapped in his mind in an instant.

He DID know of some backup. He sprinted to Jack and asked to borrow the phone, immediately punching the number of the C.T.M. in. The phone rang....

At first, there was some static, and then a familiar voice.
"Hello, hello, this is Danny of the Coastal Territorial Marines, can I assist?"
"Hey Dan, it's Chris!"
"Chriiiiiiiis! Look, I'll just be a second, in a practice skirmish right now......O.K I'm in cover. What can I do for ya?"
"Look, I'm at Camp Water Warfare right no-"
"Yeah. Listen carefully. We're low on people, and we have unidentified people attacking the camp recently. We could really, REALLY do with re-inforcements right now. I probably should've sticked to international peacekeeping with you guys...."
"You're still a part of the squad, Chris, don't panic. But I'm afraid we can't right now."
"What? Why?"
"Because we're heading over to Thailand. We've got to deal with some some factory guys, making hundreds of some hell nasty weapons."
"Wait....that's the weapon source of the unidentified enemy that we're fighting!"
"What - really? We've been trying to track down where the shipments have been going to for months!"
"Well do what you can to halt the factory progress, Dan! And I could do with my gear...."
"I can't give you the re-inforcements, but your old CTM gear will get to you soon. Make sure to tell C.W.W that the factory's location is at the Thai town of Sattahip. Good luck there. We'll stop the weapons, you stop the people."
"Will do. Thanks for my old gear. Out."

Chris hung up with a smirk. That factory was definately going down. And with his CTM Suit/Gear coming over, along with Prototype CTM weapons, Camp Water Warfare might just stand a chance.

Meanwhile, Jack had listened to everyword by picking up another reciever. It was good news at least. It was a Joint Op between Camp Water Warfare, the Maritime Militia and Coastal Terrirorial Marines.

Jack still, however, had no idea who they were fighting, and if they had allies...

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Re: New Role Playing Thread (RP)

Post by JuchTurtles » Sat May 29, 2010 11:39 am

At 6 AM the next day, the sun is rising. Juch wakes up with Bubba gone from his bunk, so he runs off to tell those at the main house. Unfortunately, he's alone, and the two guys are near. Juch only has a Max-D 2000 in hand.

However, instead of attacking, the guys wait, because something is going on outside of the house.

Juch reaches the group in the house parking lot. Phorerunner, EBA, and another man are there.

"We can't let anymore of this kidnapping happen!" Phorerunner yells at the man, "We had at least two instenses just last night and..."

"Wait, two? All I know about is Bubba," Juch interrupts.

"First off, you never interrupt a captain or person of higher rank than you," Phorerunner continues, "and second, we now have THREE people missing!

"We have a problem," EBA states, "let's fix it."

EBA runs into the Main House and the other man quickly follows. Phorerunner goes up into a watchtower and watches as the campers wake up gradually.

Juch runs back to his barrack to grab his CPS 2500. However, it is not of the shelf where he left it the previous night, so he takes his 12K instead.

Then he travels to the training field for the day of events.
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Re: New Role Playing Thread (RP)

Post by C-A_99 » Sat May 29, 2010 7:10 pm

Eric finally returned to the camp after collecting information on his dad's water weaponry. All the plans were loaded on his mini-flash drive which he promptly took out and attached to a computer in The House. Eric was not very good with computers and didn't want to risk sending the information over a network or the internet; for all he knew, the enemy could've been sniffing the packets going over their internet connections.

Sure enough, the plans matched up to the captured ABA27 they had. Moreover, Eric remarked that his dad had been acting a bit differently lately and recently stopped returning home altogether. His dad never really approved of him going to CWW in the first place, but it wasn't his decision to make anymore.

There were plenty of more plans around, but most of them would be impossible for the camp to build. They would have to find a supplier.

"So you wait until NOW to tell us this?!?!", Zapper remarked in surprise. "Find him, I don't care how.


Bubba and Joe woke up, dazed. They were inside somewhere with lights and packed dirt walls around them. The floor was a wooden board with hand railings to the side. They must've been underground. They were tied up on a bench while several odd figures dressed in camo and wearing war paint carried MB-3's, Brapa's improved replication of the spherical chamber CPS blaster. The ABA27's were all given to troops along the field, who now all dressed up in black and wore masks. They were nearly invulnerable to most forms of water attack. Only two of these combat troops were nearby in the underground area.


Joe and Bubba nervously awaited their interrogation.


The new security force at CWW that Phorerunner arranged with Zapper and Drake proved to be helpful in fending off some of the foreign guerilla attacks coming from the woods. The problem is, the enemy still has targets to attack; the barracks are wide open in the woods and the attacks have scared most newer campers, causing them to demand a leave and never come back. It was stressful for Phorerunner, but nonetheless, they had to get the elite strike teams together, the sooner the better.

Eric's dad no longer returned phone calls, so he returned home for a second time. He opened the door to his house and stepped to his dad's working area. The computer and holographic display was gone and in it's place was a real piece of paper. Eric read the letter.


Dear son,

I'm sorry I never explained this to you earlier, but CWW has dishonored the sport of water warfare more so than any other company or organization in history. You may not understand but just look at how they set up their training facilities. Their corrupt leadership aims to transform young people looking for some fun into violent "warriors" who will do their bidding. A friend I knew went crazy after going to the camp for two years; he barely escaped. The Zen Warrior's course was littered with traps that caused injury, and I've personally witnessed the zip line snap apart before. New recruits were sprayed with hot water while doing push-ups, and the leadership never had enough. They aim to gain power by corrupt methods.

CWW is, in it's simplest form, a trap. They aim to destroy the sport by appearing to promote it, but in reality, are tarnishing it's image. Water warfare has gone from a long accepted pasttime to, yet again, something only people goofing around would do.

In response to this, the company I've been employed under, Eagle Engineering inc. has assisted Brapa in providing material and resistance. We cannot take down the Camp by conventional means; we must do so in other ways. Our raids have been very successful lately as we've saved many young recruits from being turned into monsters by the camp, but lately they've started assembling their own force of corrupt, power hungry leaders and "warriors" who would blindly follow them. Many of our own recruits come from CWW back in it's older days, that is, the ones who were't permanently damanged psychologically by CWW.

I implore you to leave this corrupt organization and never go back to CWW. Go to vdtps://, login with autosoak, password $0ak3r$. I'll tell you what to do there on it's chat system.

Love, Dad


Eric had never been more confused in his life. Was anything his dad said true? He knew the leadership personally and that they would never train like that, nor use their positions for control. He would have to do some research on the camp's history to find out. Or should he connect to the site? He had to trust his friends at CWW, or his dad who never talked to him often.
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Re: New Role Playing Thread (RP)

Post by TheTyphoon » Sat May 29, 2010 9:48 pm

Chris woke early the next day; the day of the scouting mission. His morale for it was miserable and Eric had been acting strangely too; surely down to the same reason. Camp Water Warfare was a flop compared to what Chris had fact, the training back at his own clan's HQ had kept him just as fit and without the bruises and injuries. It was depressing.

There wasn't any contract keeping him at the Camp. But what about the Recon Op? Could he leave on the day of the Op, leaving the team down a man?

But he'd left his own clan for quite some time just to be here, and it hadn't given him any benefit, so far. He'd been grouped as "recruit", despite having plenty of experience, and circulated into un-necessary training regimes. He missed his clan, back home; the ODST's.

He smiled, pulling the photograph of the clan from his suitcase. A picture of them in front of their Armoured Vehicle; nothing large than an Off Road 4x4, but it had rubber tracks and ingenious weaponry; the main cannon was an "Elephant Trunk", a giant, SCII-esque cannon that was grooved, keeping it accurate for long ranges of 100ft. It also had the gun on the front, which utilised the ODST clan's very own tech, known as True Shotgun technology. It used a CPS system of drawing water into an elastic balloon, but the trigger actually slammed the balloon and opened up the nozzle at the same time, forcing the water out at breakneck power and speed in a short, Flash Flood like blast. And that was just the secondary gun.

The clan was far more important than the Elephant Tank, though. There, his fellow team-mates stood. The ones he worked with flawlessly. ODST's; an old abbreviation from a really old game. But his clan had changed it to mean "Ocean Drift Soak Troopers".

The ODST's were a small bunch of only five members, but that was plenty enough for them to do what they did best - being the special ops branch of the CTM. Investigating suspicous places, stopping them if they tried to make violent water guns, or copyright guns, etc. Their AI was particularly useful for stopping factory machinery - aptly named "Cortana" after the ageing game series that the clan seemed to love.

Chris stood up from his bunk and exited the House, suitcase trundling behind him, CPS 1000 slung on his back, Airline Year Return Ticket in hand. He heard enemies to his left; he simply looked at them, nodded, and continued to walk out of the camp. They did not fire, thinking that his leaving was a victory. Sniggering echoed through the trees. Chris stopped and looked over his shoulder.

"Don't laugh too hard. You'll only cry harder when me and the rest of the CTM storm every inch of this mess-hole....". The sniggering stopped.

On the edge of the Buzz Bee Woods, Chris kept on pacing out, seeing the road ahead of him, and his taxi. All of a sudden, Drake dropped in front of him from a tree.
"You make too much noise with that amount of gear. What are you doing, patrolling on your own with that suitcase?"
Chris, continuing on without turning, sighed.
"I'm leaving. For now. Back to my ODST's. We have work to do. Call me if things ever become decent."

Chris walked off into the distance. Drake looked on, pausing, and began to continue his own silent patrol.
"Amen." Drake said to himself.


Stepping out of the taxi and approaching the airport, Chris took out his iPhone X and deleted two messages: "Where r u??!?" and "Hey where u? U at lake or what?".

Sitting down on an airport bench near his terminal, he speed-dialed ODST's HQ.

"Chris? That you?"
"Yeah, it's me. Don't send ANY of my gear over. Keep it all there."
"What? Why? I was sending it to you today!"
"I'm coming back. Back to the Troopers."
"WHAT? REALLY? Nice one! I'll keep your gear here then! You coming on the Thailand Op with us?"
"Sure am!"
"Awesome! See you home then?"

Chris hung up, boarded his flight with the CPS 1000 (which drew looks) and sighed. He didn't know if this was the right choice. Maybe Camp Water Warfare was trying it's best.

But nevertheless, shutting down the Brapa Factory with his ODST's would be the right decision, either way.

P.S. For all those wondering, the "gear" that my character is meant to be recieving is simply a suit like the ODST suit from Halo. Differences would be that the undergarments under the armour plating (made of good fitting plastic) would be soakable, so the Ocean Drift Soak Trooper suit isn't "invincible". You can be soaked if the many undergarment bits are hit.

See this URL: ... t-buck.jpg
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Re: New Role Playing Thread (RP)

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The night after Chris left, EBA towards the unknown area when Phorerunner and Lewis were asleep. Counslers like himself were alowed to go out at night and he was well prepared.

With 37 rounds of double, reinforced water balloons, loaded into a canister, a trigger, jump-system, and automatic and semi shooting options, he took the Cougar WB37Le3, the best WBL in CWW. It could fire several 3 inch balloons 500 feet, and could fire a 6 inch balloon 200. He also took his trusty CPS 1500 and a "U" shaped SC2 that could shoot 4 gallons 100 feet.

In his backpack, he had extra balloons, an XP 220, and a pair of keys to the boats on the Blue Docking Platform.

EBA crept outside of the main house and into the woods to not be seen by the nearby watchtowers. He then traveled left, towards the Alpha barracks.

There was some talking and yelling inside, and then a bang as the door was kicked open! As EBA got closer, he saw two guys holding someone and taking him away.

"HEY!" EBA yelled as he fired a 5x tap shot from his CPS 1500. One of the kidnappers turned around and fired from a CPS 2000. EBA croutched and dodged the blast.

One of the men huried away with their prisoner while the other tried to fend off EBA.

EBA grabbed his SC2 and fired. The 70X blast was so overpowering that the man fell over hard, knocked out and bruised in many places.

SC2 tossed the empty cannon away and charged after the man with the camper.

EBA didn't see anyone and came up upon the trail leading to the ? area. When no one approached him, he crept up the trail.

As he got closer, he discovered a form on the ground that laid very still, until it jumped up and tackled EBA. EBA and the guard rolled down the path until EBA got on top of him and up on his feet. The man got up too, and somehow had a CPS 1000 in hand.

They exchanged tap shots for about 2 minutes, until the kidnapper and the hostage arrived up the path. EBA fired his WBL at the feet of the guard and blew him and the hostage up into the air, and the napped person landed on top. The guard got the wind knocked out of him and sat still, huffing.

EBA then fired a 10X shot at the other guard for as long the PC allowed. The guard was fortunately drenched and retreated, exausted.

EBA ran to the hostage. "Are you okay?" EBA questioned. "I'm good." "Wait, who are you?" "The name's Juch, just Juch," Juch replied.

"HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" The guard got up and fired his CPS 2000. EBA pushed Juch over and then EBA fired a CPS 1500 10X blast as the two ran for cover. Somehow, the shot connected and hit the guard in the jaw and all over his shirt. The guard ran away and EBA and Juch scurried off to the main house. They had seen enough for one night.


"What were you thinking?!" Phorerunner screamed in EBA's ear, "Running off, trying to save people." "Well I think I did something good," EBA replied calmly, "I saved Juch, and made those weirdos relize they don't have much of a chance at kidnapping anyone else."

"Oh Christ," Phorerunner yelled looking down, "I guess you're right."

"Get some sleep, and Juch," Phorerunner said. "Yes sir." "Sleep in the main house tonight."

Phorerunner walked out of the office and the others there went back to their rooms. The time was 3 AM.


The following morning, the campers emerged and after a count, it appeared everyone was there. Except for Chris, who had supposingly gone home.

They traveled to Larami field for a war day, but something was clearly wrong...

Just wanted to end in a cliffhangar for someone to continue with.
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Re: New Role Playing Thread (RP)

Post by TheTyphoon » Sun May 30, 2010 4:37 pm

July 7th, 2040
"Schism and War"

The training exercise on Larami Field ended as it was about to start. With many of the CWW soldiers stood around ready for a Free For All Soakfest, Jack whistled once in the air, much to everyone's confusion.

All of a sudden, dark suited, masked people walked calmly from the trees around the field. The CWW veterans and recruits immediately raised weapons, shouting at them to back off. Jack, however, stood perfectly still, smiling, Max-D 2000 lowered. Drake was there too, completely focused on the advancing warrior headed his way. In fact, the CWW soldiers were encircled by these bank-robber-esque enemies, what with their balaclavas and gloves.

"Sir! Orders!" shouted EBA with his 1500 in hand, his trigger finger tapping the trigger in anticipation.
"Lower your weapons and surrender, my soldiers." said Jack, calmly, happily.
"Wait - WHAT?" said Drake furiously. Drake was not one to accept defeat, in any way.
"You heard me right. Lower weapons."

Out of loyalty, the CWW troops did. However they were far from comfortable, and many still held their weapons half raised.

"What is the meaning of this Jack?" said EBA, many of the recruits now forming into a defensive circle. Jack exhaled, and began to pace, walking around the enemy.

"For quite some time now, my friends, I have been allowing the fine boys of The Rogue - the oh-so-mysterious enemy - to take a few of our CWW boys. Not to hurt them, no. To make them part of the new regime. We can't fight these, my friends. They're too elite. We need to become them - take up their training methods, and make ourselves the BEST. The Zen Warrior course is nothing compared to the hardy training that The Rogue go through! I know I've lied and played my part well, but....what do you say?......Join The Rogue or simply be soaked."

The Rogue troops aimed their long, black blasters at the CWW troops. Every single member of CWW, in those split seconds, felt a feeling of rage, hopelessness and upset at the betrayal of Jack. Many recruits whispered curses under their breath. Jack began counting down from 10. Drake and EBA nodded at each other by the time Jack reached 5.

In an instant, both Drake and EBA drenched the faces of two of the Rogues, clearing a hole in the encircling enemy. "EVERYONE SPRINT, NOW!" screamed EBA over the sudden uproar, and the CWW troops rushed out through the hole, with the Rogues running after them, through the trees, Jack shouting and yelling curses after them. Juch was hit by a stinging beam of water, but kept sprinting, and the CWW troops managed to escape the Rogues, eventually making a makeshift camp at the edge of XP River.

There, EBA, Drake and Juch set up tents, whilst the other CWW troops refilled all the weapons in the lake water. The three of them, after constructing the two large tents, sat down on a log and discussed.

"Well. What now?" said Juch staring at the ground.
"I don't know. All I can think of is to cross the river tommorow at 5:00 AM, straight away, and from then, we got to the building on Ambush Trail. I believe that we could rescue Bubba and Joe. After that? Guerilla's all I can think of." said Drake sighing at the lack of options.
"I just can't believe it. All this time...he had us set up." EBA said, head in hands.


Bubba and Joe collapsed on the wooden floor, panting. They had been exposed to The Rogues' training regime yet again. It was that or their torture method - ice cubes placed all over the victim's restrained body, and the ice water melts down them. The training course they did was no better. The underground "Zeus" training course was just ridiculous.

Bubba turned his head to Joe, his eyes strained, his lips cut.
"We....we have to get our weapons....and get the f**k out of here...."
Joe nodded, his neck in pain, and fell into a much needed sleep yet again.


"It's good to have you back Gunny." said Danny loudly over the Helicopter's engine. Chris nodded, smiling from within his helmet, recognising his old callsign, and turned back to the view of Thailand's tropical forest, as the Chopper sped past trees. His legs dangled over the edge, whilst he held his CPS 1000 fully loaded and ready.
"You'll probably want these back too, huh?!" said Danny loudly, muffled from his own helmet, handing him two objects. The first was a "UWBL", or Underslung Water Balloon Launcher. An advanced, compact WBL, it only had a 75ft range but could easily fit underneath his CPS 1000, and was painted Grey/Blue/Orange to match it. The second object was his Air Hogs: Vector. The Vector was a device that fired a Water Rocket into the air, great for signalling for pickup.

"Alright, we're at the drop zone. Get in there, boys!" shouted the helicopter pilot, and Chris, Danny and the rest of the team slid down the ropes from the 'copter to the ground. It was dusk, giving them some slight darkness for stealth. The five man team moved up the dirt track hill, leading to the small, grim-looking factory. It's sign read "Sattahip Aquatics - Partnered with Brapa Inc.". They reached the factory door, and moved in, one by one.

"Factory looks pretty empty. It's closing time by the looks of things. That steel staircase over there looks like it leads to the control panels. Gunny, take Cortana up there. Shut down the production line...permanantly." said Danny over the ODST Helmet Radio. Chris moved upstairs quickly, whilst Danny and the other three took up defensive positions, covering the staircase heavily.

Chris inserted Cortana's Mini-USB device into the primary computer hub, heard a whirring, and waited for her to do her magic. Cortana got into the computer and scrambled the flowcharts of operations that the machinery was made for. She enjoyed messing it up; that machinery was now devoid of knowledge on how to create any kind of water weapon, and implanted a virus making it unable to learn how to again. She also set the factory to start making plastic teapots. As she re-entered her USB, she felt as close to "joy" as an AI could.

Chris heard the confirmation sound, pulled Cortana's USB out and got back down the stairs.

"Alright, job's done, let's scoot!" said Chris, tapping Danny and the others on the shoulders.
"Nice one Gunny! Right, let's move out through the back. Make sure you holster your CPS 1-Kay and get ready to signal with the Vector Water Rocket."

They moved through the back door, silently moving through the tropical trees and back to the LZ. Chris pulled out the Vector, pumped it up, and fired the rocket high into the air. They waited nervously.....

As they began to hear the Chopper approaching, many factory workers began to approach down then hill, with spare ABA27's, lots of old Storm 750's, and Water Balloon Slingshots that could knock them over.

The ODST's readied themselves.

Sorry for the long post!
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